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Attorney Reviews

We believe in empowering attorneys to manage their online reviews with accuracy and integrity.

Attorney Reviews

Attention, lawyers and legal professionals- are you looking for an easy way to stay on top of your client reviews?

Attorney Reviews Management from is the perfect solution! This comprehensive platform helps you manage your online presence with ease so that you can quickly respond to reviews, monitor metrics, and boost your credibility and reputation.

With the help of Attorney Reviews Management, you can gain control over your online reputation, attract more clients, and make better informed decisions with detailed analytics. Not only will this help improve your overall image as a professional attorney but it'll also give you peace of mind that comes with knowing that all reviews are constantly monitored and managed.

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Attorney Reviews

Attorney Reviews

If you're an attorney, managing your reviews to make sure they accurately reflect the value of your services is important. Attorney review management can involve anything from responding to reviews to actively searching them out. But it’s essential that lawyers do not ignore negative or untrue reviews in hope that they will disappear over time as increasingly internet-savvy consumers scrutinize them when selecting services.

Understand What Reviews You Are Getting

It is important to understand what types of reviews you are receiving, so you can tailor your approach and address any common issues in a timely manner. Taking a proactive approach means having an eye on competitor comparison sites, online directories and social media platforms for industry feedback so you can respond accordingly.

Respond Appropriately & Diplomatically

This includes responses to positive reviews (thank them for their kind words) as well as negative complaints. Responding properly shows customers that you care about their opinion and value potential referrals from other viewers. Make sure to always maintain professionalism, even if the sentiment expressed isn’t necessarily professional itself, and explain how the issue may have been addressed with more specificity or detail than was provided originally with the review.

Take Your Reputation Into Your Own Hands

Asking satisfied customers for reviews or testimonials can help level the playing field and keep your average star ratings up while putting a face on something often viewed as an intangible service like legal representation. Social networks such as Facebook recommend that business page owners ask all customers who they think would provide an honest, accurate rating of their services — not just those who are most likely to give five stars — after completing a job efficiently and with adept knowledge of applicable laws/regulations/procedures etc..

Create SEO Friendly Listings That Take Reviews Into Account

Many law firm websites don’t emphasize search engine optimization enough, much less review data collecting capabilities — this should be remedied quickly! Although search engines like Google don’t generally display Yelp or Avvo ratings directly under your website automatically (Google does this only selectively at present), online listings should still be considered an integral part of a lawyer's website strategy now more than ever before since many defendants look there first for free information about legal professionals in their area before performing detailed research online or consulting family/friends likewise impacted legally by particular issues/situations etc.. Therefore it's important to create listing descriptions featuring targeted keywords that allow people looking for legal counsel in specific practice areas - litigation, bankruptcy, employment law –to find lawyers near them with noteworthy reputations based on overall customer ratings/client feedback etc..


Frequently asked questions

What key benefits does an Attorney Reviews management platform offer?

An attorney review management platform can offer many benefits, such as increased visibility of your practice, improved customer service, streamlined workflow processes, and data-driven insights into performance. It can also provide an enhanced online experience for clients, boosting trust and confidence in the quality of your legal services.

Can I use the Attorney Reviews management platform to monitor reviews and respond to negative feedback?

Yes, the Attorney Reviews management platform can be used to monitor reviews and respond to negative feedback. It uses automated review monitoring, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing to help you identify potential issues and quickly respond to any negative feedback or critical reviews.

Does the platform allow law firms to view review analytics?

Yes, the platform allows law firms to view review analytics, so they can track performance, compare with peers and gain insights into customer reviews.

Is there a cost associated with using the Attorney Reviews management platform?

Yes, there is a cost associated with using the Attorney Reviews management platform. Depending on the plan you choose, fees may vary.

How can I use the platform to improve my law firm’s marketing strategy?

You can use the platform to create targeted campaigns, boost visibility on search engines, and track the success of each marketing activity. You can also use it to optimize content creation, identify valuable customer feedback, and create automated processes with workflows.

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