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Social listening is about understanding the needs of your audience. It is about gaining insight into their wants and desires and providing tailored solutions to meet those needs.

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Social Listening: Listen, understand, connect.

Social listening is about understanding and responding meaningfully to what people are saying. It's about creating conversations and engaging with people in a way that leads to real connections.

Are you looking for ways to understand better your customer's wants, needs, and complaints?

Social listening allows businesses to gain insights into their customers' behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. This allows them to proactively understand what their customers are talking about and respond quickly when an issue arises. By closely tracking conversations on social media platforms, blogs, news outlets, and more, businesses can find out what resonates with their audience and target marketing efforts accordingly.

Get the upper hand over your competition with social listening. Quickly identify what resonates with customers while avoiding any potentially damaging posts or comments that could hurt your brand image.

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Social Listening - Reputation Defenders

Social Listening

Social listening services are online tools that help monitor and track conversations across social media. It’s a critically important tool for any business needing to track the sentiment of their brand, products, or services across major social networks.
Here’s an overview of what to look for in a good social listening service like Reputation Defenders:

Track Positive and Negative Sentiment

Regarding social listening, tracking positive and negative sentiments about your brand, products, or services is important. Good social listening tools will display these sentiments in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Filter Websites & Social Networks

Look for a tool that lets you filter the websites and networks where the sentiment is the most relevant and actionable. This will enable you to narrow your focus and collect data from the channels that matter most.

Customized Listening Capabilities

Different businesses have different goals when it comes to their social presence. Make sure you choose a platform that offers customized search capabilities to get more focused results tailored to your needs.

Analytics & Reporting Features

Most social listening platforms offer basic analytics capabilities such as the voice of customer (VOC) analysis and share of voice analysis. But be sure to look for a provider with advanced analytics that allows for quick decision-making based on user insights from the platform.

Integration With Other Applications

For those looking for more comprehensive insights from their listening efforts, look for integrations with other applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems or marketing automation solutions. This allows all relevant departments within an organization – sales, marketing, etc. – to access up-to-date customer information whenever they need it.


Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of a social listening service?

A social listening service monitors and analyzes conversations about a brand, product, or service across multiple social media channels, providing valuable insights that can be used to inform and improve marketing strategies.

How can I measure ROI when using social listening services?

Measuring ROI when using social listening services can be done by tracking leads, sales, traffic, and engagement on your accounts and comparing them before and after the social listening service was implemented. You can also take surveys or polls to see how your customers’ opinion of your brand has been affected. Additionally, you should pay attention to how many people are visiting your website or talking about your company online, as that could help indicate the return on investment of implementing a social listening service.

How do I use a social listening service to find relevant conversations?

Using a social listening service, you can monitor conversations on social media channels and other forums to get insights into trends, customer sentiment, interactions with competitors, industry news, etc. You can use the data gathered by these services to identify relevant conversations with your product or brand. Additionally, you can create reports that provide insights into key areas of interest to keep track of your progress and better understand what your target audience is talking about.

How often should I check my social accounts for insight using a social listening service?

It is recommended to check your social accounts for insights using a social listening service daily. You can also set the frequency at which you want the service to monitor conversations and update you with relevant insights accordingly.

Which type of data can I expect to get from my social listening service?

Social listening services give you insights into what people say online about your brand, industry, competitors, or any other relevant topic. They collect and analyze data such as public reactions to content, mentions, sentiment analysis, customer engagement levels, and more.

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