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Why You Should Never Buy Fake Google Reviews

Why You Should Never Buy Fake Google Reviews
Edwin Maskell

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Why You Should Never Buy Fake Google Reviews

Recent statistics show that Google handles about 80% - 90% of all internet traffic worldwide. It's difficult not to succumb to the temptation to buy Google reviews.

If you're going to do it, here's why not.

There are three reasons you shouldn't buy fake reviews for your business.

With the rise of online review sites, Google reviews are becoming increasingly important for local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Bad reviews can be damaging, but good ones can help boost sales.

Google has stated that businesses with a large number of positive customer ratings and who provide regular responses to their clients will be ranked higher. Happy clients are the main driver for your review scores, and they help with local SEO, but they also help with organic search.

It shouldn't be difficult to get loyal customer reviews for your business.

If getting good Google reviews is essential, why would you ever risk losing them by taking any kind of action that might negatively impact your business? The short answer is no. And just in case you were unclear, don't buy Google reviews!

Buying fake reviews isn't the same as receiving genuine Google reviews regarding your company's online reputation because they don't represent the customer experience of actual clients and don't meet the standards set by Google.

Seeing your business without any reviews may be frustrating and tempting business owners to get fake reviews. However, your digital advertising efforts will likely fail if you do so.

Here we'll discuss three main risks you might face when buying Google review services. We'll highlight these risks so you know what to look for.

If you buy fake reviews for your business, you're cheating yourself out of potential customers.

1. Fake Reviews Lack Authenticity

Fake reviews are usually easily spotted because they're written unnaturally, often using poor grammar and spelling. Purchased reviews are usually immediately suspicious because of their unusual language.

Those unscrupulous companies selling fake customer testimonials will often use templates so they can quickly write thousands of fake testimonials in an attempt to maximize their profit margins.

Standard features of fake reviews include:

  • Talk generally about the products or services offered by the company.
  • Giving a fake review for some random service
  • Stuffed with keywords
  • Repetitive
  • Be natural when writing compared to how normal human beings typically write.
  • The profile has either reviewed everything or reviews everything equally.

It's not good to be impatient with new customer reviews for your company profile. Introducing fraudulent reviews gives no value to your company page.

You can click through to their reviewer profile to see if there are any negative reviews. If so, then you know the review may be fake.

Conversely, that profile might have a single Google review from someone who has made a new account every time they use the service.

If you pay people to write positive Google Review comments, even though they genuinely liked the product, no one believes them when they say otherwise because they know they were paid to write the comment.

Fake customer feedback is far worse for business than lousy customer service. If you buy fake customer testimonials, at least get them from real people who genuinely want to help you succeed.

Consequences of Lacking Authenticity:

  • Fake reviews are easy to spot. They're apparent and are often written by people who aren't very knowledgeable about the products they review. You should also expect to see lots of them if you've got an older website. If you do get lots of fake reviews, make sure you check out our guide on how to remove them.
  • It has the opposite effect as social proof; instead of encouraging more users to use your service, you drive them away. If you're a local business, things are even worse because they can gossip about you to their friends and family, who might not be aware of your existence.

2. Not knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Asking others to lie about their opinions of your business isn't going to improve anything. It's better to be open about your business' shortcomings than to pretend everything is perfect.

If you're going to fake reviews, be prepared for the consequences.

Reviews don't mean anything anymore because you're not improving your products or services.

You may never be able to resolve issues or pain points. Even though you get legitimate customer reviews, you're still going to drown them out by having hundreds or thousands of incentivized reviews posted on Google Business or other sites. Real customers and negative reviews can give you better insight into where you need to improve.

3. Against Law and Google's Policies

Paid reviews may be legal in some parts of the world, but they're not ethical.

Neither the Competition Commission nor the CMA has any regulatory authority over the sector.

Federal Trade Commission

Furthermore, buying positive user feedback is against Google's policies. Buying positive user feedback is not intelligent because it could anger one of the most popular search engines.

While asking your clients for authentic feedback is OK, it's definitely against the rules to pay them for their input.

It also works both ways. If you would bad mouth your competitors and buy fake positive reviews from third parties to give yourself an advantage, you'll have repercussions if you get caught.


  • The FTC or a similar agency could fine you if you buy fake positive reviews or ask for them through an incentive program.
  • If you're found to be violating Google's policies, then you may lose your rankings. You can expect your rankings to drop if Google finds out you're being dishonest about your business.

How to get more positive reviews from Google?

We know that getting genuine and authentic customer reviews is the best way to improve your business. If you want to learn more about how reviews and user comments can help your business grow, check out our blog post here.

It doesn't matter what industry you're working in; it can sometimes prove very difficult to convince people to leave reviews for your business.

You shouldn't just rely on creating fake customer ratings because even though more ratings don't necessarily mean better business outcomes, there are ways to get honest customer feedback.

You must get positive ratings and honest customer feedback if you want to appear high in local search results for your business.

Here we've outlined some tips for increasing your follower count and getting immediate responses from people who follow you.

4. Ask for feedback/reviews

That's right. You need to ask your customers for reviews.

Of course, you need to ask correctly, at the right time, and not be too optimistic.

  • After they've purchased something from you, ask them directly if they'd be willing to write a review for you online. Please give them a flyer or business card with instructions on how to post a review.
  • After making a successful online transaction, follow up via email. Depending on the nature of the transaction, you may want to allow several days for the customer to use and experience the item before contacting them again.

You're allowed to send another email asking for a response after the first one, but you might come across as pushy if you send more than one.

Always be very polite and respectful when writing emails to your clients and customize them for each client.

You may want to check your social media mentions for people mentioning you. If someone has been praising you lately, maybe you could reach out to them directly and ask if they would be willing to write an honest review on Google.

Reputation Defenders reviews management platform has some excellent customer review template ideas for you to use.

5. Make It Easy for Users to Use Your App

Luckily, Google has made generating your URL easy to follow by allowing you to generate your unique URL that directs people to your product reviews. You need to follow these steps:

Add the review link in your emails' signatures. You never know who may click through from one of your emails.

5. Let people leave reviews on your site.

Add a link to online customer reviews on your site's front page to keep things simple.

If you want people visiting your site to leave a positive or negative comment, you could ask them directly or use an opt-in form instead of relying on email marketing.

Every legitimate Google review counts, no matter whether it's positive or negative. Even a bad review can be beneficial if handled correctly.

6. Respond to Your Reviews

If your company appears in a Google search, responding to the review requests will help you rank better. You'll also be able to show your potential customers that you're engaged with them. Additionally, it can encourage others to write their review.

If people see you're regularly communicating with them and responding to their comments, they're more likely than not to write a good comment themselves. And people like to feel heard and respond to feedback. So get engaged with your customers to boost customer reviews.

Remember, never underrate the power of high-quality, genuine reviews. You can read them here.

Most importantly, don't ever buy positive reviews because they will cost you far more in the future. Fake reviews are a blatant stain upon your online reputation.

Consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends and family members.

Businesses typically have between 39 and 93 Google review scores, and most consumers read online customer feedback before making purchases.

One of the most significant issues with online reviews is that they're not easily embedded into websites. Instead, they're scattered across different websites.

You can easily add positive Google reviews to your website using our reviews widgets.

So if you want the best results from your online marketing efforts, you need to add in-depth Google Reviews to your website.

Example Results with Reputation Defenders

  • Increase in contact requests by over 60%.
  • Using a social media pop-up increased SaaS sales by 37%.
  • With videos, we had 8% more registrations than with texts.

You should be able to get started right away if you have even a few reviews or star rates to use.


November 18, 2022

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