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Why DealerRater reviews are essential?

Why DealerRater reviews are essential?
Richard Doan

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Why DealerRater reviews are essential?

Regarding online reviews, many companies do not care about their customers. However, our research into the future of online reviews revealed that even though the number of negative reviews is increasing, the number of positive ones is decreasing. The number of positive reviews dropped 30% over just one year.

This is why we believe that the most critical factor for success in the automotive industry is having quality reviews posted on reputable platforms such as DealerRater. In the future, people will still rely heavily on reviews to make purchasing decisions. Even though some people might say that social media plays a more significant role today, studies show that consumers trust reviews more than anything else. So, while it is true that you can get reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we think that DealerRater reviews will be the most important thing for success in the automotive space.

So, let us help you start posting reviews on DealerRater. Here are some tips:

  1. Write good reviews - Reviews are the lifeblood of the automotive industry. They are the reason why people buy cars. You have probably seen those "5 stars" stickers on car windows. Those are reviews. And they matter—a lot.
  2. Be honest - Don't lie about buying a vehicle. People can tell.
  3. Use photos - Pictures speak louder than words. Showing pictures of the interior and exterior of the vehicle will help potential buyers decide whether to purchase it.

What is DealerRater?

DealerRater is a review website that specializes in auto dealerships. They are known for being one of the largest automotive review sites. Over 30 million monthly consumers are exposed; they make up around 4% of all online reviews.

As one of the most popular automotive review sites, they boast a 34+ million monthly consumer exposure with about 7+ million consumer reviews from 2002-2022.

The amount and quality of reviews they receive as a dealer rate make them a precious resource for your automotive businesses.

In our 2022 state of online review research, we found that DealerRater had made up 5% of total online reviews in the automotive market. This is not insignificant, especially considering how much traffic they generate.

How does DealerRater work?

DealerRater is one of many review sites out there, but unlike others, they don't just take people's word for it. They check every single review for accuracy and authenticity. And even though the process takes about 10 minutes per review, they do it twice - once by their automated system and then again by a human reviewer. This ensures that each dealer gets reviewed by someone who knows exactly what they're doing and doesn't want to give false reviews.

Once approved, dealers can upload photos and videos of their inventory and set up their pricing structure. Then customers can start posting reviews on their experience working with the dealership. Reviews are categorized into different types based on how much effort the customer puts into writing them. For example, "Good Experience" reviews are written quickly, while "Great Experience" reviews require a lot of thought and detail.

The best part is that the whole process is entirely free. No fees or hidden costs are associated with creating a profile on the site. Dealers can post unlimited reviews without worrying about running out of space or being limited by the amount of data they can store.

What makes DealerRater different than other review sites?

There are several online forums where people who want to buy cars go to get reliable dealerships or specific makes and models like,, etc. DealerRater stands out as a site that helps people make an informed buying decision by giving them genuine customer reviews. Getting reviews on an authority site like DealerRater can be even better than advertising on other web pages.

One of the benefits of using DealerRater is its dealer-verified membership program. You don't need to pay to use this service, but having a verified dealer means you're likely to receive better ratings than an unverified dealer. Also, if you want to manage your online reputa­tion with review requests, respond to customers, highlight top staff, and more, DealerRater offers these features at no additional cost.

With DealerRater, you get access to our exclusive dealer directory, which helps you stand out from the crowd. You also get to win the 'dealer of the year award.

If you're interested in the perspective of consumers, read our article on why car review websites are essential for car buyers.

How to get started using DealerRater

To get started with DealerRator, you only have to do three things:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the name of your car dealership in the popup window
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the claim process

Once you have completed those three simple steps, you are ready to start earning money with DealerRater.

How to get more ratings on DealerRater

Several different packages are available for DealerRater, each offering various benefits. Some of these include:

Create a detailed profile

DealerRater allows you to provide detailed information about your dealership, including things like who works there, specialties, training, languages offered, and more. You're more likely to connect with your clients and receive positive reviews by providing this information.

Use DealerRater's premium features to help grow your business.

Depending on which package you choose, you might be able to use a variety of different features to improve your review count. For instance, if you have an Account Manager account, you could use a tool called LotShot to request reviews from dealers who sell similar cars automatically. If you have a Premium Connections account, you can set up automated review requesters for dealer lots where you're likely to buy a car.

Respond to the reviews people give you

No matter where they left their review, consumers want to know if you're paying attention to them and their opinions. DealerRater gives you two weeks to respond via their Resolution Advantage tool. You can also pick a public or private response. Responding indicates to other shoppers that you do take customer service seriously. And it encourages others to leave their ratings too.

Ask your current customers for feedback on DealerRater

Even if your clients write great reviews for you, you need to take advantage of them by asking them to post their reviews on DealerRater. To help you get started, we've created an easy way to direct people to your DealerRater account.

As a result, you'll not only earn trust from the reviews themselves, but you'll also get new leads and increase your sales.


November 16, 2022

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