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Where can I manage my Google reviews?

Where can I manage my Google reviews?
Kim Calloway

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Where can I manage my Google reviews?

If you're not listed on Google Places for Local, then you probably don't know it yet, but Google reviews significantly impact where people see your listing. So if you haven't taken an interest in Google Places for Local yet, you may want to start doing some research now.

Google reviews are very important for any local business's success. They increase its exposure and help them win more customers.

There may be several reasons you're struggling to find your business's Google My Business page. We don't necessarily mean to scream at you, but we'll explain how to fix it so you can get positive feedback from your clients.

Where to start?

First, you need to make sure that you're listed on Google.

Local businesses don't realize the significance of registering on Google My Business. You need to register on Google My Business even if you want to benefit from Google reviews and be shown on Google Maps.

To create a Google My Business account, use these instructions:

1) From the browser

  • Head to
  • Click Sign in at the top right corner of your web browsers.
  • After you've signed up for an AdWords account, you'll be prompted to create an AdWords account if you haven't already done so.
  • When logged into Google Business, go to
  • Clicking the icon at the top right corner brings up an option for managing your account
  • Enter your business name (if you already have one).
  • Complete all the necessary fields, including business name, business type, location, contact info (phone number, email address), and URL for your business.
  • ClickFinishand you're done!

2) Via Google Maps

  • Click Add Your Business
  • Click on Google Maps, then click Add Your Business.
  • On the top left of the screen, click Add Your Business.

What to do if someone has claimed my business?

You can then claim business ownership by requesting access to the account. Or, if no one else owns it, you could ask for an email address to contact the previous owner directly.

To verify a business' ownership, you must ask the current owners or claimers to provide proof.

  • First, head to
  • After entering the company's full legal business title into Google, type in the city where the company is located.
  • A notification will appear saying someone has already verified your business address.
  • To request access to an account, click Request Access.
  • When you click Submit, the person associated with the company's LinkedIn profile will be sent an invitation message. You'll also receive confirmation that they've been invited.

Now that your listing has been approved, what do you need to do next?

Once you've set up your business page, you'll be able to get Google reviews (or find them!).

The more positive reviews your business has at a high star rate, the better chance you'll appear first on Google Maps when someone searches for local businesses near them.

Getting reviews from people who know you well is essential, but there are some things you need to be aware of when trying to get them.

1. Ask customers for feedback

Sadly, few customers will write reviews of themselves. You must remind them and stress just how important they are to you.

To get reviews for your business, you can either manually ask people to leave reviews or pay someone else to do so. However, there are better options than using manual methods. For example, you could automate your review request by creating a campaign through.

It would help if you mentioned reviews in your emails, too.

2. Respond to all Google reviews

As soon as the review starts rolling in, it's tempting to ignore the bad stuff and focus only on the good stuff. But ignoring the bad stuff doesn't protect you from missing out on critical feedback. So, respond to both positive and negative comments.

3. Monitor your reviews

If you want to keep your review history clean, check for any offensive language that could cause Google to remove your review. Also, be sure that no one has linked to anything inappropriate from within your review.

If you spot a fake online reviewer, you'll want to flag them immediately.

If your local reviews aren't showing up for no apparent reason, then clearing your browser's caches might help.

If there are other reasons why your reviews don't show up, read our other in-depth​g ​a​d guide here.

Make sure your listing details are accurate.

Make sure your business listings are correct by regularly checking them for errors. Don't use duplicate content even if you have multiple locations or many business branches; focus on one location at a time.

Correct listing detail ensures no more.

Final thoughts

Online review sites like Yelp and Google are valuable tools for helping you gain visibility. Make sure they stay on your site so you can continue to benefit from them.

We help you see, monitor, and control your online reviews from Google and other websites in one location. By centralizing your reviews, you can easily keep an eye on them and not overlook any negative comments.

Reputation Defenders can help you keep track of your reviews and avoid the issue of not having enough Google reviews.


November 28, 2022

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