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Tripadvisor Reviews for Business: The Complete Guide

Tripadvisor Reviews for Business: The Complete Guide
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Tripadvisor Reviews for Business: The Complete Guide

A TripAdvisor listing provides more exposure for your business. It attracts over 730 million reviews from people who've visited your business and an average of 490 million monthly unique visitors from people who visit the sites of other local businesses.

Listing your business' location on Google Maps can help potential customers learn what makes your business stand out from others.

Claiming your TripAdvisor business listing can increase your exposure and attract new visitors to your site.

If you're not already listed on TripAdvisor, add your business listing today!

There are two main methods for putting your business on TripAdvisor. One way is to claim an already existing profile, and the other is to create a new one for your use.

If you want to see if a business has been reviewed, go to http://www.tripadviso​ If the business isn't listed there, it hasn't been reviewed yet.

If your company appears in the Google Maps results, someone has created an account for your company and listed its location there. To claim, simply log into your TripAdvisor account and select "Claim" from the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the map.

If your search for "your city" doesn't return any results associated with your local tourism board, you can create a new listing by going to https://www.tripadviso​​dNew.

On this website, you must choose your business type among three categories: Hotels / Accommodations, Restaurants, or Attractions.

Add a new business listing for the first time.

Whether representing a hotel/accommodation, restaurant, or activity, applying to be listed on TripAdvisor is pretty simple. The main difference lies in detail required in your submission.

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

Complete a short form asking for basic contact info. Once completed, TripAdvisor will notify you via email when your listing has been approved.

You can choose your full name, email address, and role from the text boxes.

Step 2: Enter Your Business Information

Enter basic information about your business, including its official business title, location, and contact details. You can edit these later.

Step 3: Enter Your Map Location

Pin your company’s address on a map. TripAdvisor suggests dropping the pin as close to the actual door of the establishment as possible. If there isn’t a physical door, then place the pin at the geographic center of where the establishment is located. For example, if you own a restaurant, put the pin where people enter the building. If your company deals primarily in tours, place the pin at the tour's start point.

Step 4: Add Your Contact Information

You must add the company's website address and contact info. TripAdvisor verifies the company's address and contact info before allowing them to be listed on the site. Make sure that everything is accurate and current.

Step 5: Provide Property Details

If you enter your business address, TripAdvisor will use this info to categorize your listing correctly and include any additional relevant info.

Provide information on:

  • Total number of rooms
  • Price range
  • Minimum stay requirements
  • If you have employees who help run your business
  • Front Desk Staffing Details
  • If they're ensuite
  • Included amenities

If you're representing a business, provide information on the following:

  • Cuisine type
  • Pricing
  • Other special features

If you represent an entertainment-related company, provide information on the following:

  • Length of visit
  • Pricing information
  • Amenities

Step 6: Describe Your Property.

Write a brief paragraph describing the business. Use the local language, and don't include links to websites or social media accounts.

Step 7: Add Your Profile Photo

Upload an image of yourself. It will be the first thing people see when visiting your listing.

TripAdvisor recommends images for listings should be in JPEG or GIF file formats and should not exceed 100KB in size. Images should not include any border or logo.

Step 8: Hit “Submit”

Click the “Submit" button to submit the app. You must verify that you are a represen­tative of the company by checking the checkmark next to the “I am a business owner” option. Then click the ‘submit’ button to send the app.

Once TripAdvisor has verified the details and sent you an email confirming that the property meets the guidelines for the category you chose at the beginning of the app, it will take about five business days to complete.

You can successfully add or claim your business by accessing the TripAdvisor management center from the TripAdvisor mobile apps for iOS and Android.

You can also use marketing tools from TripAdvisor to help increase your page or listing's traffic. These include accommodations and restaurant listings.

TripAdvisor also offers vacation rentals, allowing anyone to claim a rental property as a place to stay. Learn more about claiming a Vacation Rental listing on the TripAdvisor Rentals page.

Next, we’ll discuss the TripAdvisor Management Center.

You can use the TripAdvisor management center to manage multiple

Once your account has been created, it’s essential to use its management tools effectively.

You can use this Hub to manage everything related to the Listings, including:

  • Updating listing information
  • Respond to negative reviews and monitor positive reviews.
  • Add a "Book now" button for reservations
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • You can get additional support from the Help Center and Owners' Forum.

You need to claim a business before using the management center to manage it. After claiming a business, you can go back to the owners' dashboard and enter the business name into the search bar.

If you select the business from the search box’s list of results, you will be taken to another page where you must complete another set of steps before registering for the business.

You must prove your relationship with the listing by calling them on their phone or using a credit card for verification.

You must verify your account by calling the number provided in the confirmation email. If the number is incorrect, you may request an update by clicking the "Request Update" link at the end of the form.

If the number is valid, you can either call the number or text the word "TripAdvisor" to +1 (800) 810-8180. Then enter the confirmation number you receive from Tripadvisor into the box below.

Another option is to check out with a charge on your account. You can visit any participating store and select "Checkout with PayPal." When you arrive at checkout, select PayPal as your payment method and enter your email address. Once you've completed the transaction, you'll receive an email confirmation with a link to your site. Simply click the link to complete your purchase.

  • The country where the credit/debit cards were issued.
  • Type of card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, etc.)
  • Credit card number
  • Cardholder name
  • Expiration date
  • Enter the security code on the back of your credit/debit/ATM cards
  • Your billing information includes your full legal first and last names, mailing addresses, post office box numbers, country dialing prefixes, and telephone numbers.

There is a third way to verify yourself via email. You may be able to use this method if you meet specific criteria.

What is the cost of listing a business on TripAdvisor?

You don't need to pay anything to claim a business profile on TripAdvisor. Some free tools are available for managing your listings. These include "Manage Listings," "Respond to Reviews," and "Promote Your Business."

However, there are certain additional features available only to paid members. For example, accommodation listings can sign up for Business Advantage, which gives them more visibility, or Instant Booking which allows them to charge 15 or 12 percent commission on any booked room.

TripAdvisor can offer restaurants special deals if they sign up for premium services.

Login as an owner on TripAdvisor

You can sign into TripAdvisor using the "sign in" link at the top right corner of the homepage.

How To Change the Business Name on Tripadvisor

When logged into the Owners portal, click the “Management Center” link at the top right corner of the page. From there, you can manage the listing by changing its title.

  1. From the "Manage Listings" page or from the "My Account" page, go to the "Name & Description" section.
  2. Enter a new business name in the "Business Name" text box.

Adding Photos and Videos to a Tripadvisor Business Listing

Photos and videos are great ways to get noticed by potential customers. They're an excellent way to showcase the food, drink, and experience you offer.

When you upload a picture, it will appear in several different locations.

  • The "carousel" feature allows you to view photos from multiple listings.
  • The media gallery, which people can access by clicking on the “All photos” button or by selecting an image from the photo carousel on the right side of their screen.
  • Only the photos section of an accommodation listing is available.

To upload any photo:

  1. Click on "View Media Suite" from your management console.
  2. Click "Add More Images" at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select an image from your computer by clicking on the file name or dragging it into the box.
  4. After step 3, click the “Upload’ button to complete the upload.

You can upload up to 15MB of files at once, but you need to keep them under 10MB to avoid having your listing removed from the site. Landscape photos tend to be preferred by TripAdvisor reviewers, so if you want to get the most out of your image, use the proper orientation.

Only Business Advantage members can currently upload property video content to their TripAdvisor listings. To do so, go to the Manage Listing page from the top menu of the management center. Then select Property Video under the "Listings" tab. You can then either create new ones or edit existing ones.

Each video should not be larger than 500MB and must be saved in.mpg,.avi,.wmv,.mkv,.mov, or.flv formats. The resolution must also be optimized to 16:9 (widescreen).

There are eight different kinds of media content available for every item.

First, choose an appropriate primary photograph. You want to use this as the first impression for visitors. For example, if you're selling a vacation rental property, this could be the picture of the unit itself. If you're selling a restaurant, this might be the menu. Choose something that represents your business well.

  • Click "Management Center" from the main menu and select "View Media Suite."
  • Click on the “Primary Photo” section.
  • Select a new primary image from the available options. According to TripAdvisor, a good choice for a primary image is at least 1200 x 630 px (1,200 x 628) and has no watermark or text.

Photos that you or another TripAdvisor user has uploaded for their listings. You don't need to worry about the number of uploaded photos; however, there is a limit to the number of photos you can add per month.

To add images:

  1. On the main menu, click on "View Media Suite."
  2. Click the "Add More Photos" icon at the top right corner of the webpage.
  3. Click the checkbox to confirm that you represent the business and have permission to add images.

Travelers' images: Images submitted by TripAdvisor members. These are mixed in among management photo submissions for restaurants and attractions. Those who manage accommodation listing pages can categorize them according to their subject.

TripAdvisor may use professional photographers to photograph listings for its site. It’s not clear how these listings are chosen, though.

If you're a listing owner with Business Advantage, you can add a favorite image for each location. These favorites will appear in the photo gallery and a separate section in the media viewer.

A business owner can choose to add up to 5 different images as covers for each album they create.

Property Video: These are the leading property video clips available to Business Advantage members. They can be used to complement the collection of photos by showing off the business.

Storyboards: A premium feature available only to BusinessAdvantage and Trip Advisor Premium subscribers. It combines images, keywords, and online reviews into one high-definition movie.

Review management for your TripAdvisor business profile

Reviews are arguably the essential part of your TripAdvisor profile, and TripAdvisor is one of the most extensive review sites: it‘s the third most-visited review site by consumers. It owns the third-largest percentage of reviews.

A TripAdvisor user can view a listing’s overall score, the total count of reviews, and its ranking beneath the listing’s title.

You can click on any of these numbers to go directly to the page’s “All Reviews” section, where you can see all the reviews posted for that hotel. By clicking on one of the reviews, you can read it in full detail.

So what do you think you do with TripAdvisor review scores, and how do you get them? A great question!

Tripadvisor Reputation Management

TripAdvisor offers businesses a way to manage their online reputation. But how does one go about managing their TripAdvisor profile? In short, it's a complicated task that involves several steps. Here's what you need to know to start taking care of your TripAdvisor profile.

1. Review Your Business Features

The most crucial step in maintaining a good TripAdvisor profile is reviewing your business' features to make sure everything is up to date. This includes photos, menus, hours of operation, contact information, location, and more. If something isn't accurate, add it now.

2. Respond To Negative Reviews

If someone leaves a review, respond quickly. A quick response can help to show that you're responsive to customer concerns. You don't want to come off like a jerk; keep your responses professional.

3. Fix Problems

Sometimes people leave reviews because they had a problem with a particular aspect of your business. For example, maybe they didn't receive the food they wanted, or the staff wasn't friendly enough. When this happens, address the issue directly. Don't just say, "We'll take care of it." Instead, explain why you handled the situation the way you did.

How to Respond to Tripadvisor Reviews?

Responding to reviews is a crucial step in maintaining a good reputation online. On TripAdvisor, it’s even more critical because people often trust what others write about a place. If someone writes something negative about your restaurant, hotel, or attraction, you want to do everything possible to address the issue.

TripAdvisor provides a great tool to help restaurants, hotels, attractions, and other businesses respond to reviews. Review alerts let you know whenever a customer leaves a review. When you receive one, you can quickly go into the management center and reply directly to the reviewer.

If you don't already use TripAdvisor, start now. Your customers love it.

Step 1: Navigate to the Reviews Page

Click on the "Reviews" tab in your Management Center. This brings up a list of all the listings you have active. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the listing you want to review.

You'll go to another page. On the left side of the screen, there are three tabs. Select "Respond to Reviews." This takes you to a page with all the reviews for that listing.

Step 2: Choose the Review to Respond to

Reviewers are often asked to review products on Amazon, and sometimes it’s hard to find what you want. If you’re looking for something specific, try to choose a product that has been reviewed by others recently. This way, you know that people are talking about it.

In addition, there are many different ways to filter reviews. For example, you can sort reviews by ratings, dates, languages, or even price.

To find reviews, just type in the item's name in the search bar. Then, select the Reviews tab under Filters. From there, you can choose how to view reviews.

Step 3: Respond to the Review

Write your response in the text area provided. This is where you tell the reviewer why they are wrong about your product or service. You don’t need to agree with every comment; just address the ones that you think are most important. If you disagree with something, explain why it isn’t accurate and how you plan to fix it.

If you decide to address a concern, keep it short and sweet. Don’t go into too much detail because people aren’t interested in reading long paragraphs. Instead, focus on one main idea per paragraph.

Make sure to include some type of closing statement. Thank the person for taking the time to provide feedback and let them know you appreciate their input. Also, mention that you’ll use their shared information to improve your product or service.

How to Use Tripadvisor's Review Express

Ask Tool is a free tool that lets businesses post questions to TripAdvisor and receive customer responses. The Tool makes it easy to gather feedback about your business online without asking customers directly.

Review Express is another tool that lets you ask customers for Tripadvisor reviews. If you're looking to encourage customers to write reviews, this Tool could help you achieve your goal.

You'll need to collect customer email addresses to use the Review Express tool. Make sure you get permission first from customers to pass on customer information to Tripadvisor.

Tell customers how you'll use customer email addresses and tell them that you'd be sending them a ReviewExpress email in advance.

This also means you'll have to get a record of customer consent.

How to Use the Tripadvisor Widget Center

TripAdvisor offers a suite of widgets that you can use to display ratings and reviews on a third-party website. These widgets allow businesses to showcase TripAdvisor reviews, photos, and maps and even offer special deals to visitors.

The widget center allows you to select the type of widget you want to add to your site. You can choose from one of three types of widgets:

Hotel Reviews - Display TripAdvisor hotel reviews on your site.

Reviews - Showcase TripAdvisor reviews on your site. This includes both positive and negative reviews.

Destination Reviews - Display TripAdvisor reviews on your site. Destination listings include restaurants, attractions, hotels, and more.

You can always use the Reputation Defenders Reviews Platform widget if you want the most effortless widget installation.

How to Get More Tripadvisor Reviews

Review Express and the free widgets discussed above are free tools that enable every Tripadvisor listing to generate more reviews. However, Tripadvisor offers two additional review generation tools through the Marketing Center. These include custom reminder cards and image uploads.

Custom Reminder Cards: You’ll find this Tool under the Promotional Tools section of the Marketing Center. There are three options here: you can add images, place text, or both. To do this, go to the “Reminders” tab, choose the type of card you want to make, and customize it.

Image Uploads: This Tool allows you to upload images directly into the template used to produce your cards. For example, you could upload a photo of your restaurant’s interior. Then, just like the previous Tool, you can edit the text, colors, and background.

After that:

Click “Promotional Tools,” and then select “Order cards. “ Select the number of cards you want to receive. If you want to send out multiple cards, simply repeat the steps.

Should You Provide Incentives for More Tripadvisor Reviews?

TripAdvisor’s official policy states that incentivized reviews “hinder the validity and accuracy of.” So don’t do it.

According to TripAdvisor, incentivized reviews are any reviews that come from offers such as raffles, discounts, or unique treatments in exchange for a review — anything that might seem like bribery. These reviews could include free food or drinks, hotel upgrades, or cash payments.

In 2017, TripAdvisor added a feature called “Review Verification.” This Tool allows reviewers to flag reviews they think aren’t legitimate. Reviewers can use this function to dispute reviews that they believe are fake or incentivized.

If a listing gets caught incentivizing for reviews, the reviews flagged as suspicious and confirmed to have been incentivized will be removed, and the reviewer will receive a warning.

Users can also contact TripAdvisor moderators and report incentivized listings.

Fake Tripadvisor Reviews and How to Report Them

TripAdvisor has been cracking down on fake reviews since it launched in 2000. But now, it seems like the company is stepping up efforts to stop businesses from buying fake reviews. TripAdvisor recently expanded its ability to detect paid reviews as part of that effort. It says it can identify "review optimization" when someone pays someone else to write a review. This includes both biased positive and negative reviews and paid reviews written by people affiliated with a business.

The company uses automated tools and human reviewers to look for suspicious activity. If it spots something fishy, TripAdvisor sends the review to an independent team of experts who assess whether there's enough evidence to prove that a review was bought. Then, the review gets blocked.

But even though TripAdvisor says it catches most of these instances, it doesn't always find everything. So, if you see a questionable review, you're encouraged to report it. You'll receive a notification telling you how to do just that. And if you want to use TripAdvisor's reporting form yourself, here are the steps you need to take.

How to Edit or Delete Tripadvisor Reviews

If you resolve an issue with a customer and ask for an edited Review, they won't be allowed to revise their current view. According to TripAdvisor's policy, "a reviewer cannot edit his/her reviews." So how do you ensure the customer doesn't change their original opinion about your hotel?

To avoid such situations, you must request that the customer deletes their review and resubmits a new one. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the review page where the customer left feedback.
  2. Click on the "three dots" icon on the top right-hand side.
  3. Select "Edit."
  4. Confirm the changes by clicking "Save" again.
  5. Once the customer confirms the changes, select "Deleted" and hit "Confirm Deletion."

Tripadvisor Alerts: Track Tripadvisor Reviews

You can now use Tripadvisor alerts to keep up to date with your customers' thoughts about your business. With Tripadvisor alerts, you'll receive notifications whenever someone posts a review of your business on TripAdvisor. This way, you're always aware of customer feedback.

These alerts help you stay one step ahead of competitors. A competitor's positive comments on Tripadvisor could mean they're doing something right. Conversely, negative comments could indicate that they've got some work to do.

With Tripadvisor alerts, we can see whether people post good or bad reviews. We can also look at the number of times a reviewer posted a comment. This helps us understand where our customers are having problems and why.

We can also learn how often reviewers post reviews. This lets us know whether they're active or passive travelers. Passive travelers tend to write fewer reviews because they don't like to complain. Active travelers, however, usually write many reviews to ensure that the experience matches their expectations.

Finally, we can determine how long it takes for a reviewer to post a review. This gives us insight into how engaged a traveler is with your business. A short wait time suggests that they're excited about their trip. On the other hand, if they take a long time to post a review, perhaps they aren't satisfied with their experience.

Set Up Tripadvisor Alerts for Reviews

TripAdvisor offers a variety of tools to help you manage your location data on Tripadvisor. These include:

  • Tripadvisor Review Manager - Get notified whenever someone posts a review about your location. You can choose how often you want notifications sent to you via email.
  • Tripadvisor Location Search - Find out what people say about your location across the web. This Tool lets you see where people search for your business online.
  • TripAdvisor Listings - See what people are writing about your business on Tripadvisor. From there, you can read reviews and add comments yourself.
  • Tripadvisors - Keep up with the latest news related to your business.

Analytics and Insights

TripAdvisor's Review Express program sends out emails to customers about their reviews. The only freeway within the program to measure metrics is via the Review Express sent to those customers. This allows TripAdvisor to track how many people open the email, whether they click through to the site, and what percentage of those people bounce away without clicking through.

For a more in-depth trip advisor review analysis tool, you’ll need to subscribe to TripAdvisor's Business Advantage, a paid subscription that includes access to the Analytics Suite. TripAdvisor’s Analytics Suite includes the following tools:

  • Market Position - Monitors rankings and traffic in your hotel's market.
  • Traffic Analysis - Find the most popular keywords and key phrases to find hotels online.
  • Review Count - Provides a snapshot of the total number of reviews posted over the previous 30 days.
  • Average Rating - This shows guests' average rating given to your property.
  • Most Popular Reviews - Displays the ten most recent reviews written by guests.

Optimize Your Tripadvisor Listings

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel sites around the world. But it doesn't always go smoothly for hotels. A review posted by someone else could potentially ruin your reputation. If you want to ensure that your hotel stays clean and that guests feel safe while staying at your property, you'll need to ensure that your listing is up to par. Here are some tips to help optimize your Tripadvisor listing.

How to Get Tripadvisor's Traveler's Choice

TripAdvisor announced its latest update to its awards program, Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice Awards. This is the second iteration of the awards program since it debuted in 2016. The previous version had ten different awards, including the Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice Award. However, since 2017, the number of awards has been reduced to two: The traveler's Choice Award and Traveler's Choice Top Rated.

The difference between the two awards is that the former requires a certain amount of reviews, while the latter does not. Also, the former is based on the quality and quantity of reviews, whereas the latter is based on ratings.

According to the announcement post, the awards aim to recognize "the best hotels, restaurants, attractions, destinations, activities, and experiences."

In addition to Tripadvisor's awards, several travel sites offer similar programs, such as's Hotel of the Year, Hotels Combined' World's Leading Hotels, and Travel + Leisure's World's 50 Most Sustainable Brands.

How to Add an Attraction to Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel sites online. With over 50 million reviews and millions of monthly visitors, it’s no surprise that people use TripAdvisor to find things to do while traveling. But how does TripAdvisor decide what goes where?

To start, TripAdvisor doesn’t just let anyone add an attraction. They require criteria to be met, including being family-friendly and having an official name and permanent location. Once those are met, attractions go through three stages of review approval before becoming part of the site. First, there’s a manual review to ensure the attraction meets TripAdvisor’s animal welfare standards. Then, once approved, there’s an automated review process to determine if the attraction meets the other criteria. Finally, the listing gets added to the “Things to See” section once everything checks out.

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

Fill out the form that asks for basic information about you. This information is accurate and up-to-date because it will be used to publish your business profile. You must provide your full name and email address.

Text fields include:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Role at the business

Step 2: Enter Your Business Information

The second step is entering basic information about your business into the form. This includes:

  • Company Name
  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • Postal Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website URL
  • Facebook Page URL
  • Twitter Handle
  • Instagram Handle
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
  • YouTube Channel URL
  • Google+ Profile URL
  • Pinterest Profile URL
  • About Us
  • Contact Info
  • Social Media Links
  • Other Notes

Step 3: Enter Map Location

The next step is to enter the address where you want to drop the pin. This can be done by manually typing in the address or clicking on the “Find Address” button. You will see a list of options pop up depending on what type of address you entered.

You must select one of those addresses if the business offers multiple locations. Once you have selected a location, click on the blue pin icon to the address's left. A small window will open asking whether you want to add this location to your trip. Click on "Yes."

You now have successfully dropped a pin on the map. Next, we'll move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Provide Your Contact Information

Once you've completed Step 3, it's time to provide your contact information. You'll want to include your name, phone number, email address, and any special instructions for how you'd like us to reach you. If you're sending your request via email, please remember to add "" to your subject line.

Step 5: Add Property Details

Enter your property details. This can differ depending on what you are selling. Still, TripAdvisor uses this information to ensure that the listing is appropriately categorized and includes as much relevant information as possible.

  • Category (if the business doesn’t match the listing's categories, select “other”).
  • Length of visit
  • Pricing information
  • Amenities

Step 6: Describe Your Property

The listing description is one of the essential parts of a real estate listing because it provides crucial information to potential buyers. A well-written description helps prospective buyers understand what makes your home unique, what you love, and why they should buy it.

Here are some tips to make sure your listing description is adequate:

  • Include a photo of the exterior of the house.
  • Use descriptive words like "cute," "clean," and "well maintained."
  • Don't use adjectives such as "historic," "bigger," and "smaller." These terms don't add value to your property.
  • Talk about how much space there is inside the house. For example, say something like, "There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms."
  • If you're selling a condo unit, mention the amenities like the gym, pool, laundry room, etc.

Step 7: Add Photo

The next step is uploading a picture of the property you wish to list. You must upload it directly into the listing. If you want to use a digital camera, keep the resolution under 100kb. Avoid taking pictures of people or places with trademarks or logos visible.

Determines how popular a listing is. A listing with a lot of 5-star reviews will likely rank higher than one with fewer reviews, but no matter how many reviews a listing has, it won't rank unless it receives enough positive feedback to make up for the negative reviews. You can add up to three photos. Make sure to include a description of what your property looks like. Also, do not forget to write down the address of the place you're listing.

Step 8: Hit “Submit”

TripAdvisor’s new verification system makes it easier for businesses to apply for reviews. Businesses can now easily submit a request via the online form. Once submitted, the application goes into the review queue, where TripAdvisor editors will review the information and approve or deny the request. If approved, the business owner will receive an email confirming the approval.

The next step is for the business owner to verify their identity and contact information. They must log into their account and click the "Verify my account" link under the "My Profile" section. They will then select "Business Owner," enter their name, address, and phone number, and upload a photo of themselves. After verifying their information, they can see what types of requests they have pending.

Once verified, TripAdvisor will start sending out emails to the requesting parties, asking them to provide additional documentation such as invoices, receipts, etc.; once completed, the business owners will be notified again.

How Tripadvisor's Popularity Ranking Works

TripAdvisor uses a combination of factors to rank listings across categories and subcategories. These include:

  • Quality - How many 5-star reviews are there?
  • Recency - How long ago did the review happen?
  • Quantity - How many reviews does the business have?
  • Overall Rating - What percentage of customers gave the business a rating of 4 stars or above?

The algorithm takes into account how each factor contributes toward the overall score. For example, if you have many great reviews but very few four stars, your overall rating might be lower than that of someone with fewer reviews but better ratings.

How to Get a Tripadvisor Sticker

You can further promote a business’s listing by getting a TripAdvisor sticker. Simply go to, enter the name of the business you want to feature, and choose whether you want it to be permanent or temporary. Then, select the size of the sticker you want and add it to your cart. Once you've completed checkout, you'll receive a confirmation email containing a link to download your stickers.

Navigate to the Sticker Request Page

Go to the Sticker Request form on Type in the name of the listing you want to request stickers for. You can choose a category, such as Restaurants & Bars, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Retailers, etc. If you request stickers for a local business, include the city and state in the zip code field.

If multiple listings are under one business name, separate each address with commas. For example, if you request stickers for the restaurant, bar, and hotel located at 123 Main Street, Suite 1234, enter it as 123 Main Street, Suite #1234.

Once you submit the request, TripAdvisor will send you an email confirming receipt. Please check your spam filter if you do not receive the confirmation within 24 hours.

What are Tripadvisor's Questions and Answers?

Tripadvisor Questions and Answers is a popular online travel site feature that allows travelers to ask specific questions about hotels and accommodations.

The feature is designed as a trip-planning tool, allowing visitors to ask questions about a particular place before they plan to go there.

Visitors type a question into the box, and a member of the travel community responds within 24 hours.

A Quick Guide to Tripadvisor Advertising

TripAdvisor offers both Sponsored Placement ads and Tripadvisor Ads. A Sponsored Placement ad appears above search results and is intended for hotels and other accommodation providers. This type of advertising allows you to target travelers based on their location, travel date, and price range.

A Tripadvisor Ad appears on the map view of a destination, similar to how Google Maps works. These ads appear when someone searches nearby for a restaurant, attraction, or activity. They can also appear when someone searches for a hotel that doesn't have a TripAdvisor listing.

There are three instances when your Tripadvisor Ad will appear:

  1. When someone is searching for a place near you
  2. When someone is looking for something specific, like "best pizza in Seattle."
  3. If the business matches what the traveler is looking for

Other Things to Know About Your Tripadvisor Business Profile

TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel sites in the world. If you haven't heard about it, don't worry - there are plenty of reasons you might want to know what it does. Here are five things you should know about your Tripadvisor business profile.

1. You're Already Using It

If you've ever used a review site like Yelp or TripAdvisor, you already use Tripadvisor. As long as you have a business listing on the site, you'll see reviews of your business pop up on the map. But there's more to the story than seeing people write about you online. When someone searches for your location on TripAdvisor, they'll see your business profile. They'll see information such as hours of operation, address, phone number, photos, and ratings.

2. A Good Review Can Help Grow Your Business

A good review can increase sales and traffic. Studies show that businesses with five or fewer reviews tend to lose customers. In fact, according to a study conducted by TripAdvisor, a single positive review can boost revenue by $3,000 per month. So, to grow your business, start building your reputation today by getting some great reviews.

3. Reviews Are Considered Social Media Content

Reviews aren't just written words; they're social media content too. And because they're posted publicly, they can be shared and liked by anyone. This means that if you post something negative, you could end up losing potential customers. On the flip side, receiving lots of positive feedback could gain new fans and followers.

The Tripadvisor App for Owners

TripAdvisor is making it easier for owners to manage their listings directly within the app. With the Management Center, you can quickly respond to customer reviews, ask questions, upload photos, and even edit listing details like address, phone number, and hours of operation. You can also see what customers say about you across social media channels and change your privacy settings.

To access the Management Center on your mobile device:

Click the “Me“ tab on the screen's bottom-left corner and log into your account.

Select “Management Center Home” under the “Me„ tab.

Return to the “Me" tab and select “Business Listing Manager." Choose a specific listing to view, which will open the mobile Business Listing Manager.

How Tripadvisor's “Just for You” Feature Works

TripAdvisor launched “Just for You,” a feature that helps users find hotels based on their specific needs. Users can choose from dozens of categories, including location, price range, room type, and even brand loyalty. These filters allow Tripadvisor to show users the most relevant options in their area.

The Tool works because it uses data collected from previous searches and bookings. For example, if you searched for hotels in New York City, Tripadvisor might know that you like luxury hotels so it could recommend them. If you've stayed at a particular property in the past, Tripadvisor knows that you prefer small rooms so it could suggest that option.

If you're looking for something else, just add another tag. For instance, if you want to see hotels near the beach, you'll likely search for "beach hotels." But if you don't care about the beach, you could search for "hotels near me," and Tripadvisor will still show you some great options.

What Happened to Tripadvisor City Guides?

TripAdvisor City Guides was one of the best travel apps around. Users could download the app, browse listings, and even make reservations. But it was discontinued in 2017. What happened?

The app was initially designed to help people find places to eat and sleep while traveling. When you downloaded the app, you had access to local restaurants, hotels, attractions, and more. You could save favorites and add notes, too.

Features like offline support and geolocation meant that you didn't need an internet connection to use the app. This allowed you to take advantage of all the features without worrying about data charges.

But what set Tripadvisor City Guides apart was that it worked entirely offline. If you wanted to book a hotel room, look up directions, or plan where to go next, you could do it all without connecting to the web.

This feature is handy when you're traveling abroad. Many countries don't offer free Wi-Fi, so having an app that works offline is a huge perk.

Since the shutdown, some features migrated to the main Tripadvisor app. For example, you can still view restaurant reviews, check out nearby attractions, and look up directions without needing an Internet connection.


November 12, 2022

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