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Should you buy Airbnb reviews?

Should you buy Airbnb reviews?
Barbara Worley

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Should you buy Airbnb reviews?

Airbnb is one of the most trusted names in hospitality today. In fact, according to a 2018 survey conducted by TripAdvisor, Airbnb is the most preferred accommodation option among travelers around the world.

But how do guests feel about the experience? Do they give high marks because they genuinely enjoyed staying there, or did they want to ensure they left a good review?

And what happens when someone buys fake reviews? Is that ethical? Or does buying reviews help businesses improve their online reputation?

We’ll look at some pros and cons of purchasing reviews, including how to spot a fake review and why you might consider buying reviews anyway.

You can't buy Airbnb reviews!

The short answer is you can't buy for fake reviews! Unlike other marketplaces, guests are "invited" to leave a critique on Airbnb. This implies you should have gone through a journey to leave an evaluation. That differs from online shopping destinations such as Amazon, where having previously purchased the item is not a prerequisite for giving a comment.

The overnight sensation: Can you gain reviews by staying at a hotel just once?

Many guests book multiple nights at an Airbnb to get more positive customer feedback. Hosts and management may encourage this behavior by offering discounts for extended stays.

Brilliant, but not too bright. Airbnb has sophisticated algorithms to identify any suspicious activity on the site. Creating an account and renting a room for just one day would trigger a warning sign. It's pretty easy for the algorithm and metrics can recognize a series of newly-registered accounts that only booked for a single day and left five stars.

One of the most significant issues with this is that, even though you may not get any negative feedback from guests, Airbnb could still decide to block your profile. If that happens, you won't be able to list anymore.

How about diversifying the length of stay?

One night doesn't always mean a full day, but two nights usually mean a whole day.

It would help if you didn't vary the length of time you spend on each account. Also, when you do this, you deny your actual earnings.

Crucial, you're also wasting a valuable resource: the. In short, when you create a new listing, Airbnb bumps your property to the first pages of search engine ranking. It's a way to see if potential visitors are interested in your offering. It also helps Airbnb determine whether your listing should be prioritized in future searches after the first grace period. SEO boost

You may be attracting accurate bookings and making money during the first couple weeks your business is open. However, you're wasting time by accepting fake reviews. What you can take advanta­ge of instead are real customers' reviews, as well as maximizing your earnings potential.

It's still not a good idea to hire third parties to provide fake reviews for you.

If you can't find someone willing to book a room for you, you could always hire a freelancer or an agency to do it for you. You pay them upfront, and then they book the hotel rooms. You get reviews from their clients.

This is an evil plan. That vendor you found was offering services to other hosts, which means they could easily be careless about booking overlapping days from the same account. Airbnb can quickly identify such misuse and penalize listings that utilize the services. It's easy for AirBnB to catch any abuse and manipulate the reviews system. They can do so because they know who you are, where you live, what your email address is, and what phone number you've given them.

These tools can help you get started, but they're not without their risks. We recommend avoiding them altogether, but if you decide to use one, be extra careful about any suspicious emails or phone calls.

Too many five stars can be suspicious.

A perfect five-star rating is not realistic. Potential online customers today expect to see many negative comments from previous buyers before they purchase something. So, a perfect review may attract more attention than some poor reviews.

At Hostfully, our team works with many professional hotel management companies and Airbnb hosts — and even the best service provider doesn’t have a perfect five-star rating. Don’t worry about it; take risks by trying to manipulate your reviews. Just respond to the bad one and try to bury it among the good ones. You could do this by writing a response that says, "I’ve had great experiences with X company before, so I know they’re reliable, and I would recommend them if you were thinking of staying with us.”

You may not want to read reviews, but if you do, you might be able to learn something from them. If you're willing to respond to them professionally, they could help you improve your customer service skills.

There are four alternatives to buying Airbnb reviews.

Buying fake positive feedback for your listings isn't the best way. So, what else can you do? You can use other methods to get better ratings than buying fake feedback. And there are lots of ways to earn those five-star ratings naturally.

We believe that beyond reviews themselves, honing on those aspects of your business that could impede growth is a necessary first step towards increasing the number of properties and bookings. Our Growth Hacking Roadmap comprehensively shows how you can scale up critical operational and management practices to achieve tremendous success.

It would help if you used your Airbnb search boost wisely before inviting guests. Then, once you've invited some guests, you.

When we talked about the SEO boost, Airbnb gives for new rentals, remember that you can also 'bribe' reviewers to write positive reviews.

  • To improve your Airbnb listings' ranking in searches for "Airbnb" and similar terms, list properties that match these criteria.
  • If you see an increase in vacancy rates, ask someone with a paid account to stay for a night.
  • Send them their refund via e-transfers or Paypal.

It might not be ethical. However, there are ways to get a few five-star reviews without sacrificing the integrity of your Airbnb listing.

Boost your total review counts by posting questions.

Because of this, many people don't bother leaving reviews at all. However, when they do, the quality of their reviews tends to be better than average.

If a stay goes well, ask them to give you a five-star rating. Many people won't bother writing anything else if they're happy with the experience.

Automating the process of asking for feedback from your guests after they've checked out is one of the easiest ways to get more positive feedback. It's also reasonably simple to set up.

Before someone reviews, you review them first.

This is an example of how you can use the power of social media to get reviews. You can ask them to check out your site and then offer something in return. For instance, say you're giving away a $25 gift card for every 5 people who leave a comment. Or maybe you're offering a discount code for those who leave a positive comment. In any case, make sure you give something back to each person who gives you feedback.

Using property management software (PMS), you can automatically send guests post-stay feedback by loading up pre-written template responses. Once a customer has checked out, and you're satisfied they had an enjoyable stay, the PMS will email them a survey asking for their thoughts on the property.

The holy grail for guest experience: good WiFi, automated checkout, and spotlessly clean rooms

The pandemic means that we're stuck indoors, unable to travel. So when an opportune moment presents itself, we'll be even keener than before to explore a new place or country. Offering our guests a lovely, clean holiday home (with a reasonable cleaning charge) will be the icing — if not the main course — on the cake. And maybe include a smart TV so they can watch movies or stream shows through Netflix? That would make them feel right at home!

Providing high-quality rental service is probably the most important thing you can do to attract positive reviews from guests.

If you want to go the extra mile regarding customer service, check out our. guidebook

Focus on the tried-and-tested methods for 5-stars reviews

To ensure that your rentals impact from the first time guests interact with them until they leave, focus on maintaining great properties and excellent guest service.


November 18, 2022

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