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How to get more Google Restaurant Reviews ?

How to get more Google Restaurant Reviews ?
Amy Bess

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How to get more Google Reviews for a restaurant?

Online restaurant reviews play an even more significant role when deciding where to dine out. They're considered more critical than food critic reviews and health inspections.

If you want Google restaurant reviews, here's how to get them ranked number one.

If you're looking to eat at a particular restaurant or location near you, you can search for it using Google Reviews. Many restaurants try to improve their Google Reviews by increasing their positive reviews daily.

Restaurant review websites don't matter at all, but if you want to get more of them, then there are some things you can do.

Why Google reviews?

Many review websites are out there, so why should you focus on Google customer ratings?

Because Google is the most popular search engine, it makes sense that people write and read many Google review posts.

Type "Vietnamese restaurant" into Google if you're craving Vietnamese food. It will not only give you the closest location, but it will also give you the highest-ranked Vietnamese restaurants. These ratings appear at the top of Google because they have many good ratings.

Even if an independent restaurant has few followers or a solid social media presence, it can still appear high on Google when people look for restaurants in their city.

If you don't get started on Google and begin collecting reviews, you're leaving yourself behind in terms of marketing tools. It's a competitive market, so it's vital that you stand out.

You should still be active on other review sites but prioritize Google.

The more reviews your restaurant has, the more credible it seems and the easier it is to choose you. If you're looking for a hidden advantage, use a service like to flood your restaurant with positive reviews at regular intervals.

Because they're essential for people who want to eat out at restaurants.

There are several good reasons for us to focus on reviews. Here are some more:

1. Reviews increase sales

People trust and read online review sites just as much as they trust and read personal recommendations.

We all enjoy eating out at restaurants. As many of us turn into 'foodies,' we always look for the next best place to dine.

Higher ratings from online review sites like Yelp and Google help restaurants fill their seats faster. Restaurants that get five stars from these sites fill seats 19 percent more than restaurants that receive four stars. And restaurants that get one-and-a-half stars from these sites fill seats 27 percent more than restaurants that get zero stars.

If you get good feedback from people who eat at your restaurant, they will likely come back again and recommend your place to their friends. This means you'll increase your business by word of mouth.

Google reviews increase sales - Reviews Day

2. Reviews help you achieve higher organic rankings

Online ratings and customer feedback play a vital role in determining whether or not people choose to use your services. They're the fifth most important factor in search engine results. If they're high, then Google takes notice and boosts your site.

Just like people trust opinions from others, Google relies on online restaurant reviews when deciding which restaurants to recommend.

If you're ranked high enough, more people will visit your restaurant.

3. Reviews let you shape and manage your online reputation

You shouldn't just leave your business name unclaimed; if you're not claiming your business on Google and similar websites, then you won't be able to reply to reviews and comments from people who may have an issue with your business. In the worst case, someone else might take advantage of the situation and respond rudely to negative reviews, which could harm your reputation.

When it comes to bad reviews, it is usually due to misunderstandings. By offering customers the opportunity to give feedback, businesses can correct any problems they may have had with a particular product or employee. In addition, businesses can address any grievances they have received, so that dissatisfied customers do not leave negative reviews. In an ideal scenario, your responses will resolve the issue and encourage the reviewer to change their review.

Your response defines your business, so always be polite and grateful when someone takes the time to write a good comment about your restaurant.

4. Reviews improve click-through rate (CTR)

To the right of the Google map when someone searches for your restaurant are your Google reviews and other restaurant details, including your:

  • Location
  • Availability
  • Previous users' questions
  • Answers

If they want to see reviews, they scroll through them.

They can use the map to locate you by clicking on it.

If you don't have any harmful restaurant review sites, you can quickly get them by using a Google search for "restaurants near me."

How to get more Google restaurant reviews

If you've already added your restaurant to all major review websites, here are some suggestions for increasing and managing your ratings.

How to manage Google Reviews - Reviews Day

1. Ask for reviews

You shouldn't expect every restaurant to get positive customer reviews; however, if you ask them for feedback, they may be willing to share their opinions.

However, don't ever ask any of your customers anything. Instead, follow these steps to get them to buy from you again.

  • Make it as simple as possible
  • Contact repeat customers
  • It would help if you offered an incentive or reward for completing the task. If you're not sure if you're allowed to, ask before doing so
  • Share user-generated content
  • Use a customer feedback tool

2. Keep your eyes on the stars

Most people don't have the time to read all the reviews to see if they will enjoy their meal at a particular place before they go there. So, just looking at the star rating is usually enough for them.

They look at your review score to see whether they want to read it. If you have an average review score, raising it by just one point can raise your revenues by up to 9%.

3. Respond to all Google reviews

You should apologize if you get bad online reviews and try to resolve the problem.

Regardless of whether these reviews are good or bad, you should always reply to them. They increase the chances of someone leaving a positive review after visiting your restaurant.

4. Share positive reviews on social media and on your website

Include the best reviews on your websites and social media pages.

Social proof is an effective marketing strategy that convinces people to visit your business.

Reviews Management - Reviews Day

Final thoughts

If people leave good ratings for your business, they're probably telling the truth.

The more positive restaurant review websites write about your restaurant, the more people trust them. People trust these sites, so they will visit your restaurant and spend their money there.

However, if you want to increase your reviews, you must request them successfully. You can use technology to help you achieve this.

The Reputation Defenders 's reviews management platform is an online review management platform that allows you to collect, respond to, and display customer feedback quickly.

Start using the best way to generate more reviews for free today and be the number one restaurant in town.


November 12, 2022

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