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How to respond to negative TripAdvisor reviews

How to respond to negative TripAdvisor reviews
Amy Bess

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How to respond to negative TripAdvisor reviews

The internet is full of reviews, some good, some bad. But what do you do when someone posts fake reviews or a negative review on Tripadvisor about your restaurant, hotel, or local attraction? In this article, we'll show you how to respond to a bad review, including real examples of responses that worked well.

On the positive side - constructive criticism can be useful

After rereading the customer's comment, it's time to draft a response.

It's always a pity that a negative review has got to appear on your Tripadvisor listing, but believe me, it can sometimes be an excellent idea. Firstly, the reviewer may have had a bad experience, but maybe they were just unlucky. Perhaps they had a bad meal or didn't get what they wanted. Either way, it could be that they weren't satisfied. However, if you find yourself in this situation, you should try to listen carefully to the feedback they give. Consider why they might feel unhappy and see whether you can resolve the issue. In addition, according to Womply's Data Science Team in a study of 200K US Small Businesses, "Businesses that respond to their reviewers at least 25% of times average 35% more revenues!"

People often ignore the main points of an argument. They assume that if someone says something negative, they must mean it. However, people can say things without meaning them. For example, "I hate your guts" could be said because one feels irritated at another person. Or, "Your mother sucks cocks!" might just be said because someone thinks their mother is ugly. In either case, the speaker probably doesn't feel any particular hatred toward the listener. Therefore, when someone responds negatively to what was said, the listener should consider whether they meant it or not.

Where can I view reviews from people who've stayed at my hotel?

You'll first want to ensure that you receive immediate notification whenever someone posts a negative review for your business. To do this, register with TripAdvisor's management center. Then, when you receive a new review, follow these steps:

  • To log into the TripAdvisor management console, go to
  • You can click on "Respond to reviews" under your primary photo (or "see all reviews") at the bottom of the review.
  • Select the review you'd like to reply to.
  • Paste your response into the text field.
  • Click submit.

What should you say when someone gives you a bad rating in response?

Be quick and thoughtful when responding to reviews. Show them that you're dedicated to providing excellent guest service. Please share your thoughts so that they know you understand their concerns.

Always remain professional and courteous. While we all love the cheeky landlord responses, they don't work for all businesses. Remember that others may see your response; new clients will read it and form an opinion about you. Remain emotionally detached (i.e., not hostile), and communicate your understanding of what happened. Don't let yourself get angry - explain why you're upset. Your customer service should be friendly, helpful, and informative.

Thanking people for their reviews and responding to their comments and concerns is an integral part of customer service. However, saying "Thank you" when someone has written something negative can be difficult. If you're struggling with this, say, "I apologize." You don't need to explain why. Just acknowledge that you've heard the feedback and take steps to improve your business.

If someone complains, don't just ignore them. Listen carefully to their complaints and explain why they won't happen again.

Share any news you may have about new features and updates for your service.

Management response guidelines

As TripAdvisor encourages interaction, they strive to be a trusted source of information and advice for their visitors. They have some guidelines that you need to follow.

TripAdvisor will remove any posts or comments they deem to be for personal gains, such as gifts, services, or cash. They will remove any responses that include external hyperlink unless it is relevant to their review.

Stay focused! We don't want to see any personal comments here. Please keep them off-site.

While you may guess the reviewer's identity, you must not use personal details about them. You must not share the reviewer's name, phone number, address, or other personal details in your review.

Make sure your post is easy to read. Don't use bullet points or lists, nor machine translations.

Make sure that your answers are unique. Do not copy and paste anything from other guests or third-party sources. It's unprofessional and will only further frustra­tion customers.

Your response list: how to respond to negative reviews

This is where things get tricky. Make sure you follow these steps exactly.

  • Keep calm.
  • Read the review.
  • Check out the claims; someone on your team may be able to explain what went wrong.
  • Save the draft in a word processor or Google Docs.
  • Reread your review and make sure everything looks good before pressing "Send."
  • Apologize for any mistakes you've made.
  • Be genuine and empathetic.
  • Always remain professional.
  • Give them another chance.
  • If they want to communicate with you, then let them know you're unavailable by phone or email.
  • Copy your response into TripAdvisor and then hit "send."

Can I change my answer after submitting it?

You shouldn't be in a hurry to respond right now because it's time-sensitive, but it's okay to take some time to craft your reply carefully. If you'd like to change anything, you'll have to delete the original message and submit a new one with the changes.

Here's how not to respond to a bad TripAdvisor review.

Some reviewers may respond negatively to negative feedback, mainly if they feel insulted or attacked. However, it is essential not to take things personally and remember everyone has an opinion. Try to stay calm and rational. It would help if you also tried to avoid responding in kind. A polite and professional approach will help ensure that any negative comments get taken seriously and that you do not find yourself being targeted by trollers.

How do you dispute reviews on TripAdvisor?

You can report a review if you feel it doesn't follow TripAdvisor's rules for reviews. However, TripAdvisor doesn't mediate or fact-check any disputes, so you may be asked to provide proof of your claims.

  • Log in to the Management Center.
  • Go to the Reviews tab at the top of this webpage.
  • Select "Report a Review" from the dropdown menu below the article's title to report a review.
  • If you have any concerns or complaints, please submit them here. Please include the reason for the complaint and the relevant review.
  • Provide any evidence that might help to support your claim.

To submit a dispute, it's best to be as thorough and detailed as possible. You may need to wait a few days before receiving a response from TripAdvisor.

Keep an eye out for any negative comments about your hotel.

Building customer confidence and positive sentiment are difficult. Even harder when something happens wrong. But when everything is going right, getting excellent ratings from your clients is an effective way to build your online reputation naturally. With Reputation Defenders, you can ask your clients for feedback and direct them to any rating service you wish (including Yelp, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, etc.), so they can leave a rating anytime, anywhere. It's the best way for you to collect all your ratings (from all your sources) into one place, see what people think about you everywhere, and show off those excellent ratings live on your website to make your business look trustworthy.


November 16, 2022

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