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How to remove a Search Result from Google?

How to remove a Search Result from Google?
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How to remove a Search Result from Google

In this digital era, online reputation is significant for the success of any business; it does not matter if it is a new or a decade-old business. A single search result, post, video, review, or image can damage your online reputation badly.

One of the best solutions to this issue is removing search results with negative content from Google. Businesses use numerous methods to remove a search result from Google and protect their reputation.

This article explains possible solutions to remove content such as blog posts, videos, reviews, or images from any website on Google. If you have just started building your online presence, you should add these methods to your reputation management strategy.

Removing search results from Google

While searching your name or your company's name, you may find unwanted search results that can ruin your online reputation. Removing such search results from Google is one of the most appropriate ways of protecting and restoring your online reputation.

You can use several ways to remove a search result from Google. Some of them may work for you, and others may not. It depends on which kind of content you want to remove from Google. Is it a video, a blog post, an image, or a review?

Creating a suitable reputation management strategy is essential so that you are ready before the circumstances get out of hand. Unfortunately, many people neglect it and then regret it when things get out of hand and the reputation they developed over the years gets ruined in a few minutes.

If you want to protect or restore your reputation, you should start by analyzing the issue. Find what people are saying about you or your name on the internet. Then devise a suitable strategy to increase your reputation. One way of increasing or restoring your reputation is removing search results from Google that you find humiliating, personal, or inappropriate.

Below are the best methods that you can use to remove a search result from Google. You can use them to remove your name, image, video, blog post, or review.

How to remove unwanted Google search results

If you want to learn how to delete from Google search, you can use the following methods.

Ask Google to remove it.

You can directly ask Google to remove a search result from Google if you know their Terms of Services (ToS). According to Google's Terms of Services, you can get your content removed under certain circumstances.

The below points will inform you when Google can remove an unwanted search result.

Sensitive personal information

Google may remove a search result that increases the risk of fraud and identity theft. Personal information that Google may remove includes:

  • Credit card number
  • Bank account number
  • Photograph of your signatures
  • A medical record that you want to keep confidential
  • An identification number that you want to keep confidential

You can fill out the form provided by Google to get these pieces of information removed.

Personal info published on a website that asks you to pay to remove content

You can request the search engine to remove a result from Google if it is personal and the website demands a certain amount to remove it. To use this method of removing search results from Google, you will have to prove that you are the subject and the website is asking you to pay to remove content. Make sure the website is not a review website.

Involuntary fake pornography

Fake pornography is the content in which the image of a person involved in pornography is replaced with your image, meaning your face is pasted on the other person's face to make it seem original. You can request Google to remove such disturbing content because it portrays something that is not true and was distributed without your consent.

You will have to submit a screenshot of such content as proof if you want to remove search results from Google.

Non-consensual explicit or revenge porn content

Revenge porn is when someone leaks your private or nude content without your consent. You can get it removed by requesting Google. Make sure you provide them with proof along with the request. To prove this, you will have to share the con-consensual explicit content and something that shows they shared the content without your approval.

Copyright violation

If the content violates copyright, you can request that Google remove it under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). However, Google may add a brief note on the page from where it removed the content. It will inform the visitors that results from this site have been removed in response to a legal request.

Doxing content

Doxing or doxxing is publicly revealing private content without the person's consent. It is usually done by getting content from social media platforms or hacking someone's private social media profiles. Google will remove this kind of content if content exposes information that can harm you and you have proof to show threats of hackers.

Request the publisher to remove a search result from Google

The above method of removing search results from Google can help you with removing the results only from search results. The content will still be present on the source website. It is best to remove it from there, so it does not have a chance to resurface.

However, it might be a challenging method because it is hard to convince the author or publisher. There are different methods that publishers or writers can use to remove content. If you want to know how to delete from Google search, here are the suitable methods you can use.

Remove from the website.

It is tough to tell the person who published the content first to remove it because it is sharing your personal information. Even after knowing the damaging effects of their content, many publishers need help to get ready to remove content quickly. But still, there is nothing wrong with trying your luck and requesting the person to delete the content from their website.

Add a no-index tag

Another way to remove search results from Google is by adding a no-index tag. This tag tells Google bots that this web page needs not be indexed anymore. When Google bots crawl over the page again, they will stop indexing it after finding a no-index tag. Removing the page from the search results will take a few weeks.

Change content or remove search phrases.

You can also request the website owner to change the content so that it no longer represents you or your company. For example, if your company's name is used in the content, you can change it to "a local company." You can also request the publisher to change search phrases or keywords so that content does not rank on the search engines on that particular keyword anymore.

Push unwanted Google search results down

If the publisher or author does not remove a search result from Google, then the other way of removing search results from Google is suppressing or pushing it down in the search results.

You will have to use different search engine optimization and content marketing techniques in this method. This method is about promoting positive content that pushes the negative content automatically.

Suppose you searched your name or company's name on Google and found a negative search result. There will be some positive search results under the negative result. Your goal here will be to push the negative content down by promoting the positive content or by improving its ranking.

If Google currently ranks negative content above positive content, it believes negative content is better than positive content. You have to improve the quality of positive content and optimize it to make Google believe it is better than negative content.

Once you have done this, Google will automatically push the negative content down and bring the positive content up. You will be able to remove a search result from Google.

How to remove my name from Google search

If you like getting attention, you may not like it when Google displays your name in the search results.

If you want to know how to remove my name from Google search, the following methods of removing search results from Google can help you sort out this issue.

Create private social media profiles

One of the possible answers to how to remove my name from Google search results is creating private social media profiles. Unfortunately, if your social media profiles are already public, then making them private now will not remove a search result from Google.

If you are creating new profiles, then go to the settings and change the default public setting to private. Google will not show your profiles in the search results.

Remove the name from the source.

The other answer to how to remove my name from Google search is to get it removed from the source. If your name is mentioned in a blog post or any website, you can request the website owner to delete or remove your name. You can tell them to use another name that does not reveal your identity.

Push the bad down with the good

We discussed this method in the "how to remove unwanted Google search results" section. You can use the same method here, as well. Publish positive content that represents you without using your name. Then publish it on different websites and rank the content higher than the negative content.

This will help you save your face and improve your reputation in the future.

How to remove a website from Google search results

If a website shows negative content related to your business, you can get it removed in different ways. Below are the possible practical methods that will tell you how to remove a search result from Google.

Request Google to remove it

If there is a web page of your website that you want to remove because it is affecting your online reputation, then you can request Google to remove it.

For this, first, identify the page. Then go to the Google Search Console and request the removal of a selected URL. Open the console and click "go to the old version" and "Google index." You will find different options on the left-hand side of the screen. Choose "remove URLs" from these options. Enter the exact URL of the website or web page that you want to remove. Select its reason and submit the request. Google can take from days to weeks to accept your request.

Remember that removing search results from Google can help if you own the website.

Use password-protection

Another way of removing search results from Google is using the password-protection feature. Only the selected audience can see content on that particular web page when you activate this feature.

Add a no-index tag

Add a no-index tag if you do not want a particular website to appear in the search results. This way, Google will stop showing it in search results.

Update the content

If any of the above methods of removing a website from search results does not work for you, then the other option you have is removing or updating the content. You can remove content that gives negative images of your business or update it with positive content.

How to remove an image from a Google search

If you want to remove an image disturbing your good online reputation, then you can use methods we have already described in the "How to remove unwanted Google search results" section.

  • You can contact the site owner by going to their "contact us" page to share your concern and request image removal.
  • You can request Google to remove the image.
  • You can take legal action against the website owner and take the matter to court. For this, you will have to hire a lawyer, meaning this can be an expensive option. The court will decide whether or not the content is offensive and against the policies.

How to remove reviews from Google search results

If you are a business owner, you must know how important reviews are. Positive reviews can boost your reputation, and negative reviews can ruin it. Therefore, you should keep an eye on customer reviews to get rid of negative ones on time.

There are many review websites where people share their personal experiences about a product or service that they used. Yelp is one of these review websites. It is quite popular, and many people check reviews about a business before buying anything from that company.

There are two possible solutions if you want to know how to delete from Google search. You can request the reviewer to remove it, or you can send a request to Yelp to get the review removed. Yelp will remove a review only if it violates its Terms of Service (ToS).

If the reviewer is not your customer but has still written a negative review about your company, you can report it to the Yelp moderator and inform them of the issue. They will remove it after verifying the case.

If the review is negative yet correct, you should contact the reviewer and offer the best solution. Let's say the customer received a damaged product from your company. You can tell them in the inbox that it was a mistake of the delivery service providers, and you can compensate for it by sending them a product that is in perfect condition.

However, convincing the reviewer is not easy, and removing search results from Google will take work too. Talking professionally and politely with the reviewer may help you resolve the issue.

How to remove videos from YouTube

YouTube is considered the second-largest search engine. As of 2021, it has around 2.29 billion active users. Many of them post videos regularly, and many watch videos on YouTube. If a negative video about your business appears on this search engine, it can severely damage your reputation. It can also show up in Google search results. Therefore, getting rid of it as soon as possible is important.

There are three popular methods that you can use to get a video removed from YouTube. These methods are also helpful for people searching "how to delete from Google search." These methods are explained below.

Contact the publisher and request the removal.

The first method you should try is politely requesting the publisher to remove the video because it damages your reputation and can harm your business. In most cases, publishers do not approve removal requests. If this happens to you, try the following methods.

Flag the video as inappropriate

It can be flagged if the video contains inappropriate sexual content or personal information. However, flagging a video does not mean it will disappear from the search engine. YouTube has its review criteria. It will review the channel, video, and content to see if its content has any problems. YouTube will remove the video only if they find it inappropriate.

Send an official complaint.

You can report a video and send an official complaint to YouTube to inform them of the harmful content of the video. You will have to state the reason and provide proof in the report.

Remove a search result from Google – Summary.

Negative search results can damage your online reputation and bring harm to your business, as well. Negative content can be a blog post, image, video, review, etc. Removing search results for Google is the best method of protecting and improving your online reputation.

You can use different methods to remove a search result from Google. Some of these methods are requesting the owner to remove content, asking Google to remove content, pushing the bad content down the search results, using no-index tags, and removing keywords from the content.

You should use the method that best suits your condition. It is best to devise an online reputation protection plan before you create an online presence. This way, you will know when to take the right step and prevent a bad situation from getting out of hand.


November 18, 2022

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