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How to leave Airbnb reviews?

How to leave Airbnb reviews?
Barbara Worley

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How to leave Airbnb reviews?

It's essential to answer the question of how to write a good review on Airbnb because they're what makes sites like Airbnb what they are.

Reviews are what make platforms such as Airbnb what they are. Without reviews, sites such as Airbnb would struggle to generate consumer traction. It would be tough for travelers to find suitable accommodations for their trip requirements.

As a consumer, you will likely use reviews to help you decide whether to book an apartment or hotel room. You might even read reviews to see what others think about the place you are staying at. However, there are many things you need to consider when writing a review. Here we look at some of the critical questions people often ask themselves when thinking about how to write a review.

Why is leaving a review on Airbnb crucial?

Reviews are extremely important for websites like Airbnb, where one bad experience could lead to a customer not wanting to book an apartment through them again.

If you've ever used Airbnb before, then we think you probably looked at the reviews before you paid for your stay.

Because we're so sure!

Photos alone aren't enough to convince potential guests to book accommodation. A glance at the star ratings isn't enough to convince them.

For Airbnb travelers

Imagine yourself as an Airbnb guest. Would you be willing to pay a hefty fee for an apartment with no online ratings, or would you instead choose one with some positive feedback from previous guests?

Of course, every hotel will begin without any ratings, so sometimes it might be worth risking it by booking an unrated property, but for the most part, the best way to decide if a place is good enough for you is to look at its review score. You can always check out our rating system here.

For Airbnb hosts

Reviews are just as crucial on the host side of the equation.

After all, hosts need to develop a good reputa­tion if they are to succeed on the Airbnb marketplace and if their listings are to be successful. If they continue receiving negative reviews, eventually, no one will want to stay at their place.

Essentially, the host's entire revenue comes from guests leaving ratings and comments; therefore, it's essential that if you're a guest and you enjoyed staying at a particular host's place, then you should give them a good rating and leave a comment. As a guest, it's too easy to forget to leave a review or write something nice about someone else's property, but every review counts.

Hosting 101

The host is the face of Airbnb. They are responsible for ensuring guests feel welcome and comfortable during their stay. A well-maintained property, a welcoming attitude, and cleanliness are essential to creating a great guest experience. But how do you ensure that your property stands out among hundreds of thousands of listings on Airbnb? Here are some tips to make sure your property gets noticed:

1. Reviews matter

Reviews are the lifeblood of Airbnb. If your guest leaves a poor review, it could cost you money. If enough guests leave poor ratings, it might even cause you to lose your entire account.

2. Cleanliness matters

A clean home always looks better. Guests appreciate having a place to rest their heads without worrying about dirty dishes, clutter, or stains. You'll find that most guests won't mind spending extra money on cleaning supplies, but you shouldn't have to spend much to maintain a tidy space.

3. Communication matters

Communication is key. When guests arrive, ask them questions like "What did you think of our neighborhood?" and "Is there anything we can improve upon?". This way, you know what issues guests had while staying with you, and you can address those concerns before they become problems.

How does Airbnb's rating system work?

Airbnb's review system is straightforward. When you check a listing, you are asked to provide feedback about your experience during your stay. You can give ratings ranging from one to five stars. You can tell the host straight away if you don't like something. They will usually respond within 24 hours.

After your stay, Airbnb will ask you for feedback via email. This could take up to seven days to arrive. In the email, there will be a link to the review page. All you have to do is log in and write your review.

You can also add photos and videos to your review. These help hosts understand what guests want to see and avoid.

How to leave a review on Airbnb?

Here's a quick guide if you want to leave a review on Airbnb.

  • You'll first need to log into your Airbnb profile.
  • If it’s been 14 or fewer 14 calendar days (s) since your stay, you’ll be asked to leave a review after following this URL:, then click “Submit Review.”
  • You can also visit your 'Trip Reviews' page and leave a rating for the hotel.

What to write in the review?

There is a lot to know about accommodations, so providing as much information as possible is essential.

These are some of the most important things to consider when trying to write an effective guest post.

  • Cleanliness
  • Communication
  • Location
  • Accuracy
  • Arrival
  • Value

If you want to be able to answer every question asked by potential guests, then you need to provide detailed answers for each point.

Please leave a review if you don't have anything good to say about the hotel you stayed at. Even though it may be your last option, writing a positive review can help others who stay there in the future.

If you want a host to provide an excellent service, you need to give them honest feedback.

Ensure you include all relevant details when writing a negative review, but avoid being rude or hostile. When reviewing, guests have a star rating associated with them, too, so be firm yet fair.

Why and how to answer Airbnb reviews as a host?

As a host, it's part of your job to respond to reviews on Airbnb. But what do you say? And how often? A lot of hosts don't know where to start.

If a few days or weeks go by without you responding to a negative review, you could damage your reputation on the site. Guests tend to trust those who engage with them directly and promptly. In addition, there's no guarantee that a guest won't write another review if you ignore him/her.

One study found that those who ignored negative reviews experienced a drop in ratings. So, it makes sense to try and make amends quickly.

1. Respond to every review.

When someone writes a review, he/she expects a response within 24 hours. You shouldn't let a negative review slip by, even if you're busy. You'll look like you care less about your listing. Plus, it allows you to explain yourself and show that you're open to feedback.

2. Address the problem.

The most effective way to deal with a negative review is acknowledging that something went wrong. Ask the reviewer what happened and offer to fix whatever issue arose. For example, "I'm sorry we didn't meet expectations." Or "We appreciate your candid feedback. We've fixed the problem and hope to welcome you again soon!"


November 16, 2022

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