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How to get Yelp reviews?

How to get Yelp reviews?
Richard Doan

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How to get Yelp reviews?

Founded in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp was one of the first review websites to gain popularity. Several competing review websites today include Google+ Local, Facebook Places, Bing Maps, TripAdvisor, Citysearch, Urbanspoon, and others. However, Yelp remains the most popular.

When your business is being reviewed online, these rating platforms can pop up on the top pages of Google searches. To build a solid online presence, you must clearly understand how they work and what you can do about them. A good reputation management plan includes solid knowledge of the platforms so you can effectively respond to negative reviews.

Because they're so important!

Yelp's data shows that the most popular reviewed business category is home and local service, followed by restaurant and retail. These represent 53 percent of the total number of reviewed business types.

Most people who read online reviews for local businesses end up buying something. However, it's important to note that these findings don't necessarily mean that the number of people who buy things because they read online reviews has increased.

Positive reviews and negative reviews influence consumers' decisions to use a business. Consumers who read positive reviews are more likely to use a business than those who don't; conversely, consumers who read negative reviews are less likely to use a business.

After reading positive online customer feedback, consumers will go to the company's website, look up more customer feedback, and even visit the company. Positive online customer feedback makes a difference when deciding whether or not you'll get new happy customers.

To get good ratings from reviewers, Yelp has some suggestions.

How to write positive reviews for your business without violating Yelp review policies.

First, let's look at what you cannot do. Yelp's review policy clearly shows businesses cannot get reviews.

  • It would help if yousweren'tasking people for reviews. Not in person, not online, not via email, nor by posting a request on social media.
  • Don't offer any gifts, discounts, or freebies in exchange for positive reviews.

The guidelines are meant to help ensure that posted customer feedback represents the genuine and honest opinion of the customer. Now that you've learned what not to do, we'll look at some things you can do to encourage positive customer feedback.

Here are some best practices for getting Yelp ratings.

Can't you ask loyal customers to write about you? Are there any services remaining to offer? Yes, there are several ways to go about doing this. We'll discuss some of them here. Given Yelp's guidelines, your primary focus as a business should be on showing potential customers how unique your company is so that they feel compelled to leave a review. Awareness is also critical: They won't realize you're on Yelp unless they hear about it.

If you want to use these techniques, your account must be claimed for your business.

Complete your company profile

Make sure that everything you put up online is accurate. You don't want to be surprised by something when you show up at a business.

If you provide services or food options like deliveries, connect them so customers can easily use them. The more seamless the user experience is, the more chances they can give a good rating.

Add a Yelp badge (or similar) to your website.

Place your Yelp icon alongside your social media buttons so customers know you're active on the site. If you want to add additional details about your reviews, visit your business profile to see where you can get the Yelp Reviews button.

Use Yelp branding in-store

Connect the digital with the tangible by ordering a free online ad from the agency. You've probably seen them before. They're stuck on your website or displayed in the corner of an email. When choosing a spot, the ad should be visible when entering and exiting the site.

You can pay for some extra branded marketing material from Yelp, including printed signs reminding people where they can find you online.

Publish your customer's reviews from Yelp on your social media.

You can't ask people to write about you, but you can certainly ask them to share what they think. Write good things about yourself and put them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and any other site where people might be interested in reading them. Share the best stuff on social media so others can see it too.

Respond to Yelp reviews

Of course, even the best businesses sometimes get bad reviews. But if you reply to them, people will likely come back for more! A recent study showed that when someone leaves a negative review, most people don't bother reading any further. However, if there was a response, they're more than twice as likely to click through to see what else the company has to say.

To help with responding to these questions, use your crisis management skills when answering. Customers aren't always right, but you can control how you answer their questions so that they leave a positive impression.

Create check-in offers

Another way around the no-freeloading policy is to use Yelp Offer Deals. These are deals that appear for users when they browse through the site.

Customers who visit this restaurant on weekdays will be offered a complimentary beverage if they mention the promotion on their Yelp reviews. The promotion has two benefits: firstly, because it's likely that people visiting on weekdays will spend less than those visiting during peak hours, they're likely to buy more items when they visit; secondly, since most people tend to order at least one thing per visit, mentioning the promotion will increase the likelihood of them ordering something else.

Keep up to date with your business activities by posting updates

To get more involved in the social media world, Yelp offers business owners the chance to post their latest news and events. These could be anything from changing menus to new dishes, services, or logistical changes.

If you see new updates from your business on Yelp, you might want to pay attention to them. They could mean something good for your business.

Run an ad

When you search for an auto repair shop, the ones who advertise most often appear first in the search result list, followed by the ones who pay to be there, and lastly, by the ones who don't pay. Depending on how competitive the auto repair business market is, it may take several scrolls to reach the organic listing. By then, the customer has probably already made his decision.

Utilize review management software

If you're overwhelmed by the number of fake reviews you've received, you might consider using review management tools like the ones offered by Sprout Social. These tools allow you to collect reviews from different websites at once.

Software solutions to manage customer reviews from all review sites help you quickly respond to them, which leads to happier users/customers.

Next steps for managing customer reviews

Reviews, whether they're in person from your friends, strangers, or even reviews written by people who don't know you, are an essential part of the customer experience. With so many companies growing in different industries, the competitive environment is more challenging. Consumers can now choose between a wide variety of products and services, and the best place to start figuring out what to do next is through reading reviews. These can take the shape of either in-person recommendations or online ratings.

While you may not be able to ask customers for reviews directly, there are several ways to get them without resorting to shady tactics. Instead, focus on providing excellent customer service and ensuring your clients know they can leave reviews and support your company. Ultimately, this only reinforces the legitimacy of your company in a world where people are becoming increasingly aware of fake reviews elsewhere online.

Once you've got an idea for something new, it's time to test those new concepts by trying them out on your Yelp profile and exploring additional ways to get more reviews.


November 16, 2022

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