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How to get good Airbnb reviews?

How to get good Airbnb reviews?
Richard Doan

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How to get good Airbnb reviews?

Getting good Airbnb reviews is the number one thought about by every host. After all, they're the ones who'll make or break your business. So, if you're serious about getting excellent ratings, read on! Here are 29 guaranteed ways to boost those five-star ratings in no time.

When communicating with guests, make sure to communicate clearly and accurately. Be clear about what they can expect during their stay, and if you're not happy with something, let them know immediately so they can fix it before leaving. Make sure to follow through on any promises you make to guests. You'll also want to ensure that your listings are accurate. Check everything carefully, including photos, amenities, and location details.

Being a super host is the aim of every Host on Airbnb. Good ratings are essential for qualifying to be an Airbnb Superhost. You need to get at least 4.8 out of 5-star reviews, so any less than five-star ratings are a big problem.

With these 29 tips, I will show you how to improve your business' reviews on Airbnb.

#1 Ensure your listing is accurate

Listing your property accurately is so important that I've placed it at the top of the priority list.

Hostel owners' most common mistake is not providing enough details about their rooms. Don't promise something that you can't deliver.

If your home is on a busy street, include this information in your listing. Do not have an air conditioning system? Include this in your listing as well. Will it get cold during the winter? Let your potential buyers know about this as well.

You might think you're being clever by leaving this item out because it could be seen as scaring away guests. However, in reality, you are just hurting yourself. Customers who find something missing from your list will most likely leave negative feedback.

If you get too many bad reviews, people won't come back to stay at your place. So, don't be afraid to ask for feedback from your guest. Read this blog post to learn more about why you're not getting Airbnb bookings.

To summarize, be specific when describing your room. Make sure to include details like the bed size, whether there’s a kitchenette, etc.

#2 Be clear on your location

If you've been renting out on Airbnb for a while now, I can guess that at least one of your guests has given you bad reviews because they didn't feel safe when staying there. Even if you have the friendliest place on the most excellent block, guests will still rate you poorly for location.

Yes, the dreaded 'where' field on the guest reviews section has left every Airbnb host wishing they could sometimes tear their hair out. It's the bane of our existence. For reasons unknown, guests will often choose to leave a negative comment about where they stayed. Why on Earth would someone do this? And why is this even an option?! What the heck??

Many people think about where they live before choosing a vacation spot. They consider how far it is from shopping centers, restaurants, parks, museums, and other attractions. They also consider whether it is safe to walk around after dark. Some places offer a great view of the city skyline or ocean. Others provide easy access to popular tourist destinations.

To get a better chance at a positive Airbnb review, it's best to be open about the location of your property, whether it's far away from town or noisy.

#3 The check-in message

Next, we'll look at the check-in email. Finally, we'll look at how to respond to negative feedback.

If you want to ensure that your guests feel comfortable during their stay, send them a check message within the first 24 hours of their arrival. You can always opt for text messages or emails instead of the Airbnb chat service.

Ensure to include check-in directions, your contact phone numbers, and the event's location. If they ask you anything, answer their question(s). You want to leave an excellent first (and hopefully last) experience.

Another trick I use is writing something like, "We want you to have a five-star experience during your stay." This is a sneaky but effective method for subtly putting the idea of five-star ratings into people's minds.

#4 The Check-Up Message

After your guests have checked in, send them the "check in" message. It's the most important one.

If you've hosted for a while, I can bet you've had guests give you four stars because you left them without towels, lights, or something small like that. In other words, something that you would be happy to fix if they'd ask.

Make sure to keep an eye out for them during their stay. If they're having any issues, tell them and let them know that if there's something else they could use, they don't have to worry about asking.

This will make your guests aware of how important customer service is to you. They'll also appreciate that you're willing to help with any problems they might encounter during their stay. By offering to fix any problems before they leave, you can prevent negative reviews for minor inconveniences.

If you communicate well, you’ll get good reviews from guests!

#5 The Check-Out Message

Your last chance to communicate with your guest before they leave a comment is when you're checking out at the end of your stay. Make sure you get that right.

Make sure to thank them for staying at your property. If there were any issues during their stay, tell them so. It may be a good time to ask them questions about their experience.

Use the following example takeout checkout message for your restaurant.

If you want to see a dramatic improvement in your Airbnb ratings, start by reviewing one guest every day for two weeks.

It's another excellent method to reinforce your five-star message again. Remember the subliminally placed 5-stars message in their minds from the check-in message? Let them know again you hope they had a fantastic experience. It works, I promise!

#6 Give out free stuff!

Think about how much you'd love free things if you were traveling. I know I would!

It doesn't need to be anything extravagant. Instead, it could be something as simple as a small piece of candy or fruit. Doing this makes an excellent first impression on your guests!

One of the reasons why people choose Airbnb over traditional hotel rooms is because they feel that the amenities are superior to those found at traditional hotel rooms. Therefore, if you provide better amenities, you'll likely get more positive reviews from guests.

When it is hot, I like to give my guests water bottles. I've noticed that hostesses often present guests with little gifts, including a basket full of snacks, a box of chocolates, a small gift card, or something else entirely. It doesn't matter what you choose to do - make sure your guest receives a thoughtful and personal touch.

Free stuff to consider

  • Small chocolates, such as Lindt balls,
  • Bottles of water
  • Coffee & tea
  • Fruit bowls
  • Candy bars
  • Biscuits or cheese crackers

If you provide enough of these services, you will get positive feedback from your clients. You don't need to spend too much time or money doing so. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

#7 Leave a welcome note

It's not just me who gets good reviews from this little gem. It's also responsible for my getting a lot of good Airbnb reviews over time.

Write yourself a note and make this the first thing you do today. Buy a small blackboard or a whiteboard. And here’ show.

Write something simple like “welcome Adam & Linnie. “ It will make your guests feel welcome. You could also draw a symbol for your town or write a message in their native tongue. Attention to detail will help create a personalized guestbook.

Over time, this will help increase your number of five stars. I've lost track of how many guests mention my welcome note in their five stars.

#8 First impressions = good Airbnb reviews

First impressions do matter when it comes to hosting. You can kiss an excellent Airbnb review goodbye if you get them wrong.

If you set a positive tone when welcoming guests, they’ll enjoy themselves throughout their stay. On the other hand, starting on the wrong foot could ruin the entire experience.

Make sure your house is clean and smells nice. Place some fresh-cut roses in a vignette. Give out free stuff. These things will help you get off on the right foot.

Make sure you open up all the windows and curtains and let as much natural sunlight into the house as possible. Check out the bathrooms and bedrooms for any hairs, and check out the kitchens' benches.

Overall, these are small details that can spoil an otherwise excellent first experience. For example, if you don't know where the bathroom is located, then when guests arrive

#9 Write a good house manual

If you want to write a great Airbnb house guide, you need to read my full article. It has a free template too!

Please think of the guest manual as an instruction book that tells your friends and family what they need to know when visiting your place. It’s also a fun way to get some brownie points from them. Here’s how.

First things first: It’s important to realize that this may be the first visit for a new visitor to your city. Therefore, giving them some helpful tips about the city is a good idea.

Things like including coupons for local restaurants and activities, listing where you're staying, and recommending transportation options and medical services are all good ideas.

This will impress guests, and a positive Airbnb review will likely follow.

#10 Leave your reviews immediately

One way to get an early review is to write down your thoughts immediately after a guest checks out. Airbnb will then prompt you to write a review during the day.

When you write a review, Airbnb will send out an email letting your guests know you wrote a review. However, they won't be able to see it until they write one for you.

You're probably curious enough to want to know if you did well, so you'll leave a positive rating. Hopefully 5, star ratings!

You should note that the percentage of reviews received from your guest stays is essential in determining whether you're eligible for Airbnb Superhost status. Therefore, it is in your best interest to encourage your guest to write a positive online post about their stay.

#11 Check previous guest reviews

Here is a pearl for you to help you improve your Airbnb ratings. Check out guests’ previous Airbnb listings. It’ll be worth it!

Some people are always complaining, but what if you could prevent them from doing so by anticipating their complaints?

You can use Airbnb's review feature to see what people think about other hosts' properties. This helps you understand what they want from a host.

You might hear them complaining about hosts not supplying soy milk or not having enough coat hangers. If you notice this in their reviews, your first instinct will probably be to provide soy milk and more coat hangers!

One neat feature is being able to check out past guest feedback. You might be able to figure out some things to improve before they arrive, so it’d be worth taking a look.

Researching your guest before they arrive can help you get better ratings on Airbnb.

#12 Treat guests like they're your first customer.

Ahhh, we all know our first. Our first Airbnb guests, of course! Think back on that first day when you host your very first guests. You treated them like royals, going above and beyond for their every need. Nothing was too big; you just wanted to make an impression and get a good Airbnb review.

Fast forward to today. You've been running your site for quite some years now, and each new visitor becomes a friend. You're proud of what you've built and ready to take on the world! But one day, you notice something strange - your stats aren't growing anymore. Your traffic is dropping off, and you feel yourself becoming complacent. Don't panic! It happens to the best of them. Just keep moving forward, stay focused and continue improving your website.

Remember that they paid you a lot of money for a reason. Treat them accordingly.

By treating guests as if they were your first guest, you’ll be able to create an excellent Airbnb review.

#13 Explain the review system

You see, most guests don't know how critical 5-stars reviews are. They don't care.

Not only is the Airbnb rating system confusing, but it is also challenging to use. Please read my article explaining why Airbnb ratings don't mean anything for a detailed explanation.

The simple reality is that Airbnb does an awful job explaining how the rating system works to visitors. Neither do they explain the significance of a five-star rating for a guest. If one small thing goes wrong during your stay, many visitors will rate the experience four stars. Any hosts who read this will nod to what you're stating with clenched teeth.

To begin with, we can use our experience to explain why negative reviews hurt us. Secondly, we can emphasize the importance of positive reviews by showing them off.

You could also include a message at checkout explaining the rating system. For example: "Your feedback helps us improve our service."

Ensure that the five-star rating system differs from a traditional five-star review system. Ask them if they encountered any problems during their stay so that you can address them.

To sum up, explaining how the rating system functions improve your ratings. Some visitors may be trying to help but don't fully understand the rating system. As a result, they might give you a poor rating which you could have prevented.

#14 Have a cleaning checklist

If you're a fan of Airbnb, you'll probably already be familiar with my obsession with creating a checklist before booking a room through the service. But if not, then here's a free template you can download.

It doesn't matter if you've been told that keeping your place spotless is essential. Treat it seriously. Your guests will rate you out of five stars for keeping your place clean.

Because of this, I urge you to create a new cleaning checklist for yourself or download one from my example. You won't ever forget to clean important areas again.

You’ll keep the checklist in each room so you can check off everything as you go. Eventually, you’ll get into the habit of doing it every time you clean.

#15 Turn On Instant Booking

If you're not using Instant Booking, turn it on immediately. It allows people to book your space without needing your approval first.

Having Instant Booking disabled is a crazy idea. First, you might ask yourself why your Airbnb property isn't showing on the listings screen. That could be because of one of two reasons. Firstly, Airbnb will punish you if you reject guests' inquiries. Secondly, you may wonder why even disable Instant Booking in that situation.

Another essential thing to note is that many guests only use instant booking properties. Turning it off won't just cost you potential book­ings but also money.

Guests expect the booking experience to be smooth, so adding reservations helps add another layer of complication. It comes down to point #9 again—the better the experience, the greater the likelihood of positive guest feedback.



To book accommodation through Airbnb, go to the site's Host Dashboards section. Then, from there, select Booking Settings.


You will then click on Edit and proceed to the Guestbook Setup page, where you must select the Instant Book option.


You can add additional information about yourself if you'd like. For example, if you're planning on bringing children along, you might want to let them know what facilities they'll find in your home. Or maybe you've got a pet? Tell them before they book so they can take care of any special needs.

#16 The price is right.

You don't need to be Albert Einstein to understand that pricing correctly is one of the essential ingredients for success. We'll talk about that in another post.

For those just starting with Airbnb, we highly suggest beginning with a low base rate. You may not receive any reviews until a couple of weeks, so if you start with a higher rate, you could lose guests because they think you're too expensive. However, you can raise your rates once you receive positive reviews without worrying about losing guests.

Hosts often charge too much for their services. Sure, some guests may be willing to shell out the extra cash, but by doing so, they're putting themselves at risk of receiving negative reviews. Don't charge too much if you want to avoid losing business because of high prices.

Briefly, look at comparable properties in your neighborhood and see if they're priced similarly.

#17 Leave a good Airbnb review.

Since so much attention has been paid to guest reviews lately, it might be worth considering whether you want to add them to your profile.

If you happen to get some good feedback from previous guests, then you might be able to attract new ones. A satisfied customer will likely come back repeatedly, so you could end up attracting lots of repeat business.

It would help if you always gave good Airbnb ratings to guests. When they're happy, they'll come back for more!

You'd probably be hesitant to use the same host again if they were critical of you, but you'd happily use the same host if they had given you a good review.

Remember, leave positive feedback because you never know who might come back again.


Your listing gets posted on your Airbnb profile as soon as someone reviews it. It then shows up for anyone who searches for your property.

If you follow the steps in this guide, only positive Airbnb review scores will come in. But there will always be some negative ones. Fortunately, I have a strategy for dealing with them that makes you appear good.

You can respond directly to your reviews by posting a comment on them. This is an excellent way to clarify any issues people may be having with your listing.

You should go through and respond to every review. No matter how negative or positive they may be, you should respond to each one. That way, you can show people that you take others say seriously and value their opinions. After all, who wants to stay at a hotel where no one cares?

This is a fantastic post about the importance of having a good website and what visitors from it. Your site was designed to provide information quickly and efficiently so people can find what they're looking for. You've done a great job with your design and content.

If you're going to reply to public Airbnb reviews, here's how to do it

  • Airbnb will send an e-mail when someone writes a negative review for you. You’ll receive a link to respond to that review.
  • To respond to reviews, go to your profile page on Airbnb. Then click “Reviews” next to “About Me.” Finally, scroll down until you see the review you wish to respond to, and click “Leave A Response.”

If people see your replies, they're more likely to book with your business and give you positive reviews if they feel you took good enough interest in their needs.

I've had people complain about my home being too noisy. So I addressed the issue by adding soundproofing materials to the walls and ceiling. That fixed the problem. It also means that if they leave me a negative rating, I can chana ge it to one positive without worrying about losing any business.

In summary, you now know why answering your guest's comessentialimportant. Firstly, guests will see that you're a friendly person who responds promptly. Secondly, you can make a negative comment sound positive. Lastly, it minimizes the chances of unpleasant surprises during their stay.

#19 Supply goodies for babies & pets

Free Stuff Part 2: Another way to earn brownie points is by providing goodies for pets or pets if you allow them.

If parents mention that their children had fun at your place, you can provide them with things like bibs, bottles, etc. They’ll appreciate having these items and will be more likely to give you a positive review.

Many Airbnb hosts don't allow pets, but if you allow them, your guests will appreciate it. Consider offering them some free treats or snacks, or even better yet, free pet food or pet cookies. Your chances of receiving a five-start rating will go up significantly.

Trust me; I've already had success doing this. When I provide extras for babies, I receive lovely reviews. These guests mention them in their reviews, which leads to more booking requests.

#20 Compliment your guests

To be successful, one must always compliment guests. If they leave your house neat, send them a quick text thanking them and showing your appreciation. It will send positive energy, which they’re sure to remember when writing their reviews.

A lot of people love to travel. They enjoy seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. When someone travels, they often comment about how much fun it was. You can tell them that you enjoyed visiting your hometown too! Say something along these lines: "I'm glad we got to visit your town. I've heard great things about it."

If you get an email from someone who has booked a room through asking for more details about their stay, be sure to respond with compliments and let them know that it sounds interesting.

All these little details matter when it comes to reviews. It could be difficult to recover from if you get off to a bad start.

#21 Provide complimentary breakfast

If you're looking for a cheap option, check out our guide to the best budget accommodation options in London. We explain why we think they're good value for money.

If you're running a private or shared space, offering a free morning meal might be best. Guests often stay at hostels where they get a free morning meal.

If you want to go on an Airbnb trip, run a quick Google/Yelp/Airbnb/etc. The query right now. Look for properties that offer free breakfasts, and check out their reviews. You'll likely see many positive comments about the property offering complimentary breakfast.

If you have the facilities in place, it may be worth considering offering breakfast to your guests; it is a near certainty that they’ll give you positive feedback.

#22 Provide a suggestion box

It’s not a new concept; suggestion box ideas have been around for years, but I hadn't seen them before.

A suggestion system may help limit negative guest reviews by providing a place where guests can air out grievances before leaving an online rating.

First, you need to understand that guests may provide some genuine feedback. They might even leave a bad review, so you need to be able to spot these reviews and take action before they happen.

Third, it subconscious­ally makes them think you're open to improvement. Suggestions boxes will make them think they're helping you improve, which means they might write something nice for you. They won't wait until your reviews to tell you that they've written something nice for you; instead, they'll be more likely to write something nice when they see you're receptive to improvements.

Suggestion boxes are an excellent idea and will likely lead improve reviews. I found these suggestion boxes at random at Staples. You can find them anywhere online easily.

#23 Anticipate bad reviews

Some people get annoyed when they receive negative feedback from their clients. They nod as they read this sentence because they've experienced it before.

Do you know the story? You've got your one complaining customer who just won't shut up. They ask a thousand questions and expect answers. And they're always right. And you'd love to tell them to go away, but doing so would only make things worse. So what do you do? Do you ignore them? Or do you engage them? What if you could get them to help you fix whatever problem they're having? That's where we come in. We'll take care of your customers. We'll keep them happy. We'll give them precisely the service they

You should start your website if you have something valuable to say. Your blog can provide you with a source of passive income. And if you're starting, you'll probably find competing with the big players who've already built their reputation rugged. But once you gain a following, these tips will help you increase your traffic.

Sometimes nothing you can do will help, so you might as well give up. These types of customers are always harmful and never leave positive feedback.

Overall, going above and beyond is a way for you to give yourself a fighting chance of receiving a positive Airbnb rating from guests. You never know when someone might be so rude as to leave an unfavorable one. So, here's hoping you don't get stuck with a guest who leaves a bad rating.

#24 Offer a refund

Things can sometimes go wrong. Sometimes they're not your faults, but life itself. If something goes wrong during a guest’s trip, giving them a full or partial reimbursement may help ease their minds.

A real-life example I experienced once was when my internet connection failed. Luckily for me, the person staying with me was working and needed the internet so we could get it fixed.

I offered him unlimited cash back if he would give me a fair rating. I expected negative feedback but instead received an average one. He mentioned problems and that I tried my best to resolve them. In short, giving him a cashback made him happy enough not to write a nasty comment.

If you want to be sure to get positive reviews from your clients, offering them a full or partial reimbursement for their stay might be a good idea.

Finally, if you offer refunds, be prepared for them to cost you short term. However, you may avoid losing future business altogether by avoiding negative reviews.

#25 Be a guest yourself.

You could also consider trying out another service for free. For example, if you're an Airbnb user, you might want to use Airbnb as a potential customer instead of staying at their properties.

If you enjoyed your stay, what aspects did you particularly enjoy? What aspects did you dislike? Was there anything your host could improve upon?

When thinking about things like these helps to improve your Airbnb experience. I've found many ways to improve my house by emulating others' experiences.

Next time you're traveling out of town, forget to stay at a traditional bed and breakfast; go for an Airbnb instead. You never know what new experiences you might discover on your trip.

#26 Provide a guest survey

You could also create a short survey for guests to complete at check-in. It needs to be just a couple of questions.

A satisfied customer can leave feedback here instead of leaving a negative rating elsewhere. Unhappy guests can vent here instead of leaving a bad rating elsewhere.

Surveys are an excellent way to get feedback from guests and improve your service. As a result, they'll be suitable for your Airbnb review scores when you put them into practice.

It’s important not to make the survey overly long; otherwise, people might get annoyed by having to fill it out. However, if used correctly, this can be an effective way to increase your ratings.

#27 Have modern amenities

Many Airbnb hosts don't think about having modern facilities. Do you want to improve them?

We live in an online world; therefore, think about things like Netflix. A monthly Netflix membership costs around $10, which isn't too expensive compared to some of the other available options.

To stay somewhere anytime, you must invest in a good quality TV. I've been in many Airbnbs where the TVs were so old they felt like they belonged in the 1950s.

Coffee machines aren't costly nowadays. They're often found for under $100. And if you provide good quality tea, guests will certainly notice it. So they'll write about it in their review.


  • Smart TV with USB
  • Netflix subscription
  • Free wifi (high speed)
  • Coffee machine
  • Premium tea

You should provide free wifi so people can get online quickly. If your wifi connection drops or is slow, they'll probably leave a negative review about how terrible your service is.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I recommend you check out my article on Airbnb Amenity Explained. It covers this topic in depth for you.

In summary, I think it’s clear that you know what amenities matter. It might cost you a little extra, but it‘ll pay off in the end. Positive Airbnb ratings mean more business. Businesses bring in more revenue, which results in more profit!

#28 People love board games

It may be surprising to learn that people still enjoy playing traditional card games, but they do.

My guests enjoy playing these card and dice game boards. They particularly enjoy playing with them when they stay with children. But sometimes I have tradesmen and businessmen staying who also enjoy playing them.

There are many popular games, including Monopoly, Connect Four, Guess Who, Scramble, and Chess. You might even know some of them already. One card game that has become extremely popular recently is Uno.

These games can be picked up cheaply nowadays. So for the sake of a few dollars, they’ll pay off right away.

29…And video games

Okay, let’s not get too crazy here. Video games? Aren't they costly?

I highly suggest investing in a gaming system if you have the funds. It is an excellent way to receive 5-stars from your clients.

A Nintendo Wii is an excellent tool for families who want to play video games together. I provide one at my Airbnb with four controllers so guests can play together. They always enjoy it.

You could get a PlayStation or Xbox for your child's birthday party, but they might not be interested. However, any kid would enjoy playing sports like FIFA or NBA.

Another thing to remember is that if they discover you have a PlayStation at your place, they might book their place there instead. This one-off cost will eventually pay itself off.

#30 Ask for reviews

Ok, I've given you 29 guaranteed methods to get good Airbnb reviews. But if you want another method, why don't you ask for a good one?

If you don't try, you won't know if something works or not. So, go ahead and give it a shot. What could go wrong?


If you're not already getting at least 30 five-star monthly ratings, there must be some problem.

Overall, the most important thing to remember when booking an Airbnb rental is to be sure to book a high-quality property and communicate effectively with your guests. If you manage both of these things correctly, you're well on receiving more than five stars from your guests.

First, remember to get an accurate description. Be honest, include any flaws, provide good pictures, and be as detailed as possible.

First, be sure to communicate well with your guests during their stay. Also, don't forget the "Welcome" and "Goodbye" messages.

Third, make an excellent first impression. You can do this by offering refreshments, such as coffee and tea, having modern amenities, and keeping the house tidy. Make your visitors feel welcome during their visit.

As for writing your own Airbnb review, be sure to respond to all your public comments on Airbnb since it shows you're a proactive host.


November 16, 2022

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