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How to delete a Google review?

How to delete a Google review?
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How to delete a Google review?

Google reviews are the Internet's "online reputation," affecting potential customers before they visit or enter your shop. They can make or ruin your company. Sadly, not every positive comment about your company will be accurate. In addition, some comments could be misleading or malicious.

We'll show you how to delete a Google Review - or at least how to try!

If you respond to a bad review, you should first focus on getting more positive reviews. You can do so by using the Reputation Defenders reviews management app, which makes it easier to ask people for their opinions.

How Bad are "Bad" Reviews for Your Business?

Ultimately, having both positive reviews and bad ones on Google is expected - in reality, having a few negative ratings mixed in with primarily positive is a great thing – it shows that you are a genuine company and that you did not just ask your close relatives and buddies to write glowing testimonials for you. Even the highest-ranked local companies will have a small percentage (usually around 5%) of negative feedback. You cannot please everybody, and sometimes you can't do anything right.

A study has found that a perfect five-star review doesn't convert as well as a four-point nine average review. In other words, some negative reviews probably won't stop potential customers from choosing you over another company.

If you see a fake review, delete it.

Can you remove someone else's review?

If you're unsure whether there's anything you can do about a bad review, it probably isn't worth doing anything about it. However, you might want to check out some tips for removing fake Google+ posts.

The good thing is that you can dispute negative reviews from Google. However, it is difficult, and there is no guarantee you will succeed.

You can't delete Google reviews by just going to your account on google and deleting the comment yourself. Instead, you must contact Google and flag the comment hoping they'll remove it for you. There is no guarantee that they'll do so, though.

Types of Reviews Google Will Delete

There are five main reasons online reviews may be removed from Google: Civil Discourse, Deceptive Content, Mature Content, Regulate, Dangerous/Illegal Content, and Informational Qualities.

These are just some examples of why you should write product reviews. They're not limited to online reviews but include other content types like photos and videos.

Within these twenty specific examples of why a page may be removed from Google, there are four main categories:

Civil discourse:

  • Harassment
  • Hate speech
  • Offensive content
  • Personal information

Deceptive content:

  • Fake engagement
  • Impersonation
  • Misinformation
  • Misrepresentation


  • Obscenity & profanity
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Adult-themed content
  • Violence & gore

Regulated, dangerous, & illegal:

  • Restricted content
  • Dangerous content
  • Illegal content
  • Child safety
  • Terrorist content

Information quality:

  • Off-topic
  • Advertising & solicitation
  • Gibberish & repetitive content

Examples of Reviews Eligible for Removal

  • An angry employee who calls their boss names
  • A real customer who used profane words to describe the company
  • A competitor posting a negative review of another company
  • A review that doesn't talk about the company was posted accidentally on the wrong listing.
  • A fake review posted by someone who wants to get something for free

How to delete a bad review from Google

If you're the one who owns the company that has been reviewed, then there are several ways you can get the review taken down. One way is by flagging the review for a policy infraction.

Here's how you want to remove reviews from your Google My Business profile.

  • Log into your Google Account.
  • Navigate to
  • Select Reviews from the left-hand menu
  • Click on the three horizontal dots next to the review you'd like to flag.
  • Select "Flag as inappropriate."
  • Please click the reason you think this review needs to be removed from the site.
  • Click "Submit"

How to Contact Google Small Business Support

If you want to contact Google's business support team, here are the instructions:

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Go to
  • Select from the drop-down menu the relevant business type
  • Write a description for each task you need to complete. For example, if you want to delete a review, write something like "Delete review."
  • From the list below, select "delete reviews."
  • Click "Next Step"
  • Choose your preferred contact method

You may not hear from Google immediately, but once you submit your feedback, you'll receive an email confirming receipt of your message. It might be helpful to save this email, too, in case you need to refer to it later.

You can also contact the Google My Business team via Twitter or their official social media accounts. They might be able to help you. You could also search online for answers to your questions.

Next Steps

If someone from the support team contacts you, it's up to you to tell them why the post should be deleted and to defend your deletion request. You may need to prove that the post violates our review policies and is spam.

If the case has been escalated to a specialist, you will receive an email confirming the outcome. You will then need to await a phone conversation with the specialist before receiving further updates on our review policies.

If you can't get a review removed from Google, here's what to do next.

Google doesn't permanently remove some reviews, but there are ways to minimize their damage.

Respond to the Review

If a negative comment is legitimate, one of your first steps should be to reply to the reviewer. In most instances, the customer may decide to delete the Google reviews themselves.

You can at least minimize the damage by telling others about your experience with them.

Asking a customer to delete a negative post about your business isn't something you should ever ask them to do. Here are some things to remember when responding to a negative review:

  • Respond kindly
  • Don't be defensive. And don't make it personal.
  • If you need to apologize for something, then do so. Then, offer to fix it.
  • Make sure the answer is short and to the point.
  • If you want to continue this discussion privately, send an email or text message.

These tips may be the key to ensuring that customers don't retract their negative reviews. It would help if you asked them to contact your company so you can look into the problem that led them to write inappropriate reviews in the first place. Then, if they follow up, you should do everything you can to ensure they have a positive online rating.

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How to respond to a negative review from a customer.

If you're not sure how to log in, follow these easy instructions:

  • You must claim your business listings before they appear on Google. To do so, visit Enter your company name and address, then click "Claim Your Business Listings."
  • If you want to reply to reviews for multiple locations, sign into Google Business Profile and select the locations (or cities) where you'd like to reply to reviews.
  • On the menu bar, choose "Reviews. Then click "Reply" for the review you want to respond to.
  • Click "Submit" to submit your answer.

If you get negative reviews, downplay them!

If you want to minimize negative reviews, here are some tips:

  • Respond calmly to the negative review by clarifying the situation.
  • Try to figure out why your client has not updated their review. If they aren't willing to update the review, politely ask them offline if they would be willing to change the review.
  • Request and encourage more positive feedback from your customers, which pushes the few negative comments down to the bottom of search results.

With any company, there will be negative feedback about your business. But if you follow these tips, you can ensure that those bad experiences aren't enough to deter potential new clients.

If someone left a review for your business, how can you remove it?

You may have written a negative review of a company online before. If so, here's how you can remove it.

Edit a Review From Your Browser:

  • Navigate to
  • Scroll down the left-hand menu until you find the relevant reviews
  • Click on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, from there, you can either click "Edit" to change the text, or

Edit a Review from the Google Maps App:

  • Click the Google Maps app icon (it looks like a globe
  • From the main screen, click on the "Contributions" tab.
  • Go to your profile page by clicking "view your profile" next to your profile photo at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down until you see the relevant reviews
  • Click on the three horizontal lines (dots) to see more options.
  • Choose which option you want to take (Edit or Delete).

Please find out more tips and advice from our experts.

If you follow the instructions below, hopefully, you will be able to remove a negative review from Google for free. You can then use these tools to improve your business' reputation.


November 16, 2022

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