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How HealthGrades reviews can boost your practice

How HealthGrades reviews can boost your practice
Richard Doan

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How HealthGrades reviews can boost your practice

HealthGrades reviews can help you improve your business and patient relations.

You don't just hand over your family's health care to anyone who walks through the door. You want them to be a qualified medical provider in their particular specialty. And if you're looking for a doctor, you start by reading our patient satisfaction ratings.

Patients are increasingly turning to online review sites to find their physicians. If your existing online reputation can help you stand out from others, you might be able to attract some new business.

HealthGrades is a popular resource among patients when looking up reviews of healthcare providers, hospitals, and urgent care centers. By learning more about them, you can improve your chances of receiving positive feedback from their visitors.

How does HealthGrades work?

HealthGrades collects and analyzes healthcare provider ratings from multiple sources to provide patients with an objective view of their options. It then uses that information to help them choose a doctor who meets their needs.

  • Where you're located
  • What insurance do you accept
  • Your education and credentials
  • What services do you offer, which include your specialties

Because HealthGrades uses the National Provider Identifier (NPID) registry, you won't need to claim your listing before it appears online. Like Google and Yelp, your HealthGrades profile doesn't have to be active to appear online.

However, if you leave your HealthGrades account unclaimed, you're letting out outdated information about your practice and not editing it. Your patients might already be posting positive and negative reviews without your knowledge.

Claiming your HealthGrades profile

Since HealthGrades offers free profiles to all healthcare providers, there's no real reason not to list your practice. It's easy to sign up for an account.

If you already have an account on the site, here are the steps for claiming your profile.

  • Go to the Account Registration section on
  • If you want to see your business profile, click "My Business" at the top right corner of the page.
  • Choose "I am the provider."
  • Enter your email address followed by your desired username and then your desired passphrase.
  • "Agree to the terms and conditions" and "Sign up now."

Before you edit your personal information, HealthGrades will ask for your email address so they can verify your account. You'll then be informed how to supply your email address.

You'll get an improved platform for marketing yourself the best you can — one that gives you access to features that let you do the following:

  • If you want to be found by people searching for doctors, upload a picture of yourself. You should also include a short bio with your contact info.
  • If you want to improve your chances of attracting new patients, edit your profile. You can also include your care philosophies that explain why you're different from other providers. These statements can be used to attract potential patients who may not know anything about you.
  • You can respond to any Health Grades reviews already on your profile or promise to respond soon.

Remember that HealthGrades creates its listing using the National Provider Identifier (NPI) database maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). To create a listing, you need to first register with CMS.

HealthGrades patient review factors

You can view your overall health grade, wait times, and ratings for seven additional factors when you scroll down on your profile page. These ratings allow you to highlight certain aspects of your care experience at HealthGrades.

The seven specific factors that you need to consider when evaluating an applicant for employment include:

  • Your patients' trust in your decisions
  • Being able to explain things clearly
  • Ability to understand people and talk to them.
  • Time Spent With Patient
  • Ease of appointment scheduling
  • Cleaning office environments
  • Staff (friendliness and courteousness)

When considering these five key questions, you'll be able to identify some critical issues and address them before they become significant problems for your business. As a result, your online presence will improve, and you'll naturally gain more positive reviews from patients and clients.

How to manage HealthGrades reviews

Many studies have shown that over half of online review writers expect a response from companies within three days.

When dealing with negative feedback, knowing what to say and do is just as important as knowing what not to say and do.

Negative HealthGrades reviews

Getting a bad rating from clients can be difficult, but there are two ways to go about it.

If you think a health rating violation has occurred, you'll be able to report it so it can be reviewed and possibly removed from the site. Violations include particularly offensive, derogatory, misleading, or discriminatory content.

First, if the HealthGrades review is not in breach, reply as professionally and objectively as possi­ble since arguing or aggressively defending yourself will only cause potential clients to be turned off by your response. Always show respect for their opinion and show that you have considered it. In addition, it's always good practice to thank negative reviews for their input.

Even though patients may be posting reviews online, it's best not to discuss their specific situation directly on HealthGrades unless necessary. Doing so would put you out of compliance with HIPAA regulations. If the content of a review requires you to add more detail to continue the discussion, respond generically and move the conversation off-site.

Fake HealthGrades reviews

If you think a HealthGrades rating has been faked, you can report it by clicking the "Report" button at the top right-hand corner of the rating. Fake ratings are against HealthGrades' guidelines and may be removed.

However, if you provide enough details about why you think something may be wrong, HealthGrades might not have any solid proof to support its decision.

Earn more five-star reviews

Asking for feedback from current patients is an easy way to build trust among them and their friends and family. Even if you're not yet offering the best service in town, by starting small, you can begin to establish yourself as someone who cares enough to ask for help.

With Podium Reviews, asking your patients to provide reviews on numerous review sites is even easier. This tool will help you send HIPAA-compliant review invites to any of your patients, all on a centralized messaging hub that helps you respond quickly, too.


November 16, 2022

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