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How DealerRater reviews increase sales

How DealerRater reviews increase sales
Barbara Worley

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How DealerRater reviews increase sales

In today’s digital world, customer reviews are everything. They help us decide where we spend our money, what products we purchase, and even whom we choose to trust. And while there are many ways to collect customer feedback, few are as powerful as those generated by third-party review sites like

With over 11 million unique monthly visitors and over 50 million reviews posted since 2006, DealerRater is one of the most trusted online resources for consumers looking for unbiased automotive information. But it’s important to note that despite being one of the largest dealer review sites on the web, DealerRater does not pay dealers for reviews. Instead, it pays reviewers based on how much traffic they generate. So, to boost your sales, you need to start earning some reviews.

Here’s How…

1. Offer Rewards & Recognition

The first step to boosting your ratings is to offer rewards and recognition for good reviews. This could mean offering discounts, coupons, free merchandise, or free vehicle upgrades. In addition, you can encourage repeat buyers by giving them special offers. For example, you might send a text message to existing customers thanking them for their loyalty.

2. Ask Your Current Customers If They Would Like To Leave A Review

Customer testimonials are great, but they don’t always come directly from current customers. So, why not ask your current customers if they want to write a review? By asking them, you give them an incentive to provide honest feedback and increase your chances of getting a positive response.

DealerRater is a tool for any dealer looking to grow their business.

According to research by Beepi, 87% of Americans don't enjoy the snd buying/selling experiences they get when they buy a vehicle from a traditional dealer. If you own a business and want to learn more about improving your customer's buying/selling experiences, look at our free guide here.

Your dealership is unique; right determine, want to know how to use DealerRaters' reviews to generate more leads for your car dealerthatou're probably unique.

How DealerRater differs from similar websites

It's not for everyone.

Its primary audience is car buyers and dealerships, but does its niche appeal make it worth your time? Is this a platform for dealerships seeking growth? We'll take a closer peek at DealerRater to determine if this is a worthwhile investment for dealerships.

They're a content marketing company with syndication agreements with many different third-party publican records to draw a lot of attention to its site through its syndicated articles.

It's still a lot.

DealerRaters should be included in your marketing strategy if you run a car dealer. If it isn't, you're losing out to your competition.

Your DealerRater goals

On DealerRater, your goals are pretty simple.

It's easier to accomplish these goals if you put effort into them from the start.

Claiming your profile on DealerRater

The best way to begin is to head over to DealerRater and claim your dealership. You'll see a box where you can enter information like contact number, address, phone number, email, hours of operation, etc. Once you're done entering data, hit "Add Dealership." If you're trying to claim a dealer that's already been added to the system, you'll receive an error message saying no records are found. In that case, try again.

Once you've claimed your dealership, you'll have access to a dashboard with a list of all the customers who have viewed your listing. This is useful because you can learn what types of queries people are searching for and even view customer reviews—Ar icon next to each review to read the full text.

You can also use the Dashboard to submit ratings yourself. Select the stars next to the different criteria, and include some description of why you selected those numbers. For example, if you have had a great experience working with someone at your dealership, write something like "Great customer service!"

Optimizing your DealerRater profile

DealerRater is a review site that allows consumers to post reviews about dealerships. To add your dealership, go to You'll see a form where you enter basic information like name, address, phone number, etc., along with your dealership's location, hours of operation, and contact info. After filling out the form, you'll receive a confirmation email. Once you've confirmed your dealership, you'll have access to the following features:

  • Your dealership's overall rating score
  • A map showing your dealership's locations
  • Reviews posted by customers
  • Customer photos
  • Contact info for each customer reviewer
  • Dealers' ability to respond to reviews

Responding to customer feedback on DealerRater

DealerRater takes a unique position on customer feedback. Not only does the site allow consumers to provide feedback, but it also allows dealerships to respond directly to those comments. This is a big deal because most sites don't offer this type of opportunity.

The primary goal of DealerRater is to help dealerships improve their reputation and increase sales. To do this, the site evaluates every comment and provides recommendations based on what it learns about the dealer. In addition, the site provides tools to help dealerships address issues raised by their customers.

Sometimes, a dealership may want to take action before a complaint reaches the site. For example, a consumer might post a negative review without giving the dealership a chance to respond. If a dealership wants to take control of the situation before someone else sees the review, they can use the "Resolution Advantage Program."

This feature gives a dealership two weeks to either respond to the review or explain why it doesn't matter. Once the response is received, the consumer is notified that the issue has been resolved.

What's interesting is that the consumer never knows whether the dealership responded. They know that the problem has been addressed.

Advertising on DealerRater

Dealers must adhere to specific guidelines when posting their sales inventory on

This is all basic advertising knowledge. There are three available ads on

  • Advertisements on dealer profiles: Every Dealer Rater dealership has an advertisement on its dealer profiles. These advertisements appear above the "Recent Reviews" section and to the left of any reviews on the dealer's site.
  • DealersRater directories are divided into categories by brand of vehicle and location. Each category includes a separate advertising space at the beginning of each listing, with a specific size (728 x 90 pixels) and color scheme.
  • Mobile format page ads: These are ads that appear on mobile devices when viewing a mobile version of a dealership's web page. They're similar to ads on mobile phone apps or mobile websites.

These marketing strategies can be used together to help increase your dealership's reach.

Here's an obvious strategy.

You can use your best customer review ratings to generate ad copy for your listings. Advertisers pay per click (PPC) to promote their products on your site, so you get paid by the advertiser when someone clicks through to their product page. It's an effective method of generating revenue but requires a lot of time and effort.

It's a win for both parties.

Goal tracking via DealerRater

DealerRater is a mobile app that helps dealerships manage sales leads and online customer feedback. With the app, dealers can see how many leads are generated per day, what percentage of those leads convert into customers, and whether there are any negative comments about the dealership. You can even use the app to request customer reviews and track responses.

The dealer rating system works like this: When a potential buyer visits a dealership's website, he sees a list of cars and prices. If he likes one car, he can make an appointment to test-drive it. He fills out his contact information, and the dealer registers him as a lead. Then, when the buyer gets ready to buy, he opens up the DealerRater app and signs in. From there, he can view his previous appointments and choose which ones he wants to book.

Once the buyer books an appointment, the dealer sends him a text message asking if he'd like to schedule a callback. The dealer can set up a call with the buyer or send him a text saying he doesn't want to talk over the phone. Either way, the buyer receives a notification that he'll receive a call or text within 24 hours. If the buyer agrees, he gives the dealer permission to access his email address, social media accounts, and cell number. Once the dealer has everything he needs, he enters the buyer's information into DealerRater's database.

Next, the dealer uses the app to ask buyers to complete surveys regarding their dealership experience. This takes less than five minutes. Afterward, the dealer can assign each survey a score based on the buyer's responsibility. For example, if the buyer says he had a positive experience, the dealer might give him a 10/10 score.

If the buyer isn't happy with the dealership, he can write a review. Once he submits the review, it goes live immediately. Reviews are like surveys—the better the review, the higher the score. Dealers can read every review written about them, and they can respond to each one individually. They can also opt to respond to every comment on their Facebook page.

DealerRater reviews are your car dealership fuel.

The average American hates the car-buying experience at most dealerships. They feel like they're being sold to rather than treated as equals. But there are some dealerships where the customer experience is positive and memorable. These dealerships have a better reputation because they've been recognized for exceptional customer care. And it starts with their online presence. Their Facebook page and Twitter account are optimized for maximum exposure and engagement. They have a solid digital footprint that includes great photos and videos.

But what happens once a potential buyer decides to go into the dealership? How do they find out how good the dealer is? The answer: reviews. Reviews from people who have bought cars from them. Reviews from people who know them personally. Reviews from people who live near them. Reviews from people whose families and friends buy vehicles from them. All of those reviews make up the data set used by DealerRater, the leading provider of consumer review software for auto dealerships.

And now, you can use that data to improve your dealership's reputation. The more reviews you have, the better. You want to be rated highly by consumers, and having many reviews helps ensure that happens.


November 16, 2022

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