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DealerRater Reviews Guide for Car Dealers' Success

DealerRater Reviews Guide for Car Dealers' Success
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DealerRater Reviews Guide for Car Dealers' Success

A customer wants to buy a new vehicle. He goes to the website of his preferred manufacturer to see what cars they offer. He finds out that he can purchase a new vehicle from any number of dealerships. He decides to visit two nearby dealerships to compare prices and services.

You must ensure that your dealership stands out from the crowd by connecting with local shoppers via websites like DealerRater. com.

What is DealerRater?

DealerRater is an online auto dealership review site with over 14 million monthly visitors. Positive reviews are cross-posted across multiple industry sites, including, Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, and others.

Consumers trust the site due to its rigorous process for verifying reviews. Automated systems check reviews for accuracy and legitimacy, while human reviewers ensure that every single one is authentic.

Dealerships use DealerRater to help build brand awareness, establish trust with prospects, and increase sales. They can also use the site's dealer certification program to boost their online presence and gain additional visibility in local searches.

Why Choose DealerRater?

Through its dealer certification program, Dealertrack offers several advantages for car buyers. You don't need to pay anything to get listed on the site; however, if you want to use some additional tools available, you'll need to purchase them. These include things like the ability to add photos, videos, and reviews, which help you stand out from the crowd.

  • With a DealerRater connection, you get access to powerful features for building your business, including management of your online reputation, requests for customer feedback, promotions of top employees, responses to customers, and more.
  • With a DealerRater Connections Premium subscription, you can automate reviews by requesting them from dealers who don't already have an active request.
  • With DealerRater Connections Premium, you get access to our exclusive reports, a Success Partner who helps guide you through the program, one-on-one sessions where we walk you through everything step by step, and even more!

Most car dealerships say they're satisfied with DealerRater, reporting that the site is an effective way to generate warm leads.

Getting Started with DealerRater

Choose a Plan

The first step in starting your own business is selecting your plan. DealerRatter offers three different levels of membership, each with different benefits and pricing. You can read more about each plan on the DealerRatter website. Choose the right plan based on your business type and how much money you want to spend.

Request a Demo

You can request a free trial by clicking "Request a Trial" under your chostalkckage. Talk with one of our friendly Customer Support reports learnings tolearn more about how the platform works and how you can use its features to your benefit,

Provide Information

Suppose you don't want to schedule a live demo. DealerRater extras for extra details, including your first and last names, your dealer's full business contact info (including an email address), and your phone numbers. Enter these details accurately.

Wait for them to contact you.

We'll contact you soon with more details on how you can start using DealerRater.

Earn more reviews on DealerRater

Once you've set up an account on DealerRater, you'll want to start gathering more ratings and optimizing your profile to get the most out of the service. Here are some easy ways to get more ratings for yourself.

Build Up Your Profile

Including as much information about yourself as possible in your user profileattracthelp attract more people who want to review you. WithDealerRater, you can add photos of your staff members, so your clients can see them when they leave positive feedback. And building up your reputation is the best way to get new business.

Asking your customers directly for feedback is one way to get

Many consumers would happily give feedback about their experience with your company. They may not know where to post their comments, though. A simple request for customer service can help your business gain valuable insight into what your clients think of your services. Ask your clients to provide feedback through your online contact forms or phone. Please include a link to your contact page so they can easily share their thoughts.

Use DealerRater's Paid Features

DealerRater offers a variety of different methods for soliciting customer feedback. You may request feedback via, where you can set up automated review requests. Alternatively, requests connect your account to an existing account to automatically submit review requests. Finally, you may use the SMS service to send review request messages directly to customers' mobile phones. These options can help make it easier for dealers to get feedback about their performance.

Promote Your Profile on Your Website

By linking to your DealerRater page on your dealer site, you can help direct customers to review your business on This makes it easier for them to write reviews and helps potential customers learn about your business through customer reviews.

Contact your contacts

You can use your Mailing lists, EMAILS, and texts to contact potential new clients. Requesting a review politely while providing your dealer rating profile link gives your potential clients a convenient way to provide feedback. It also helps you remind previous clients of how valuable their feedback can be for future clients.

You can get reviews through text messages.

Do you find that customers forget to write reviews after leaving your business, even though you've reminded them via email and your website? If so, try SMS texts, which boast an almost 100 percent open rate. provides SMS tools enabling you to send customers messages reminding them to write reviews and then automatically submit them.

What makes DealerRater different from other sites?

There are lots of dealer review websites out there, but some are better than others. Which one should you use?

If you spend money on advertising, you might want to choose your platform carefully.

For example, Car Guras' subscription focuses mainly on listing and paid marketing, like displays, lists, and leads. emphasizes listing with review as a secondarily incentive for consumers. Dealer Rater is focused on reviewing and allows car sellers to promote their business without blatant advertising.

To increase transparency for your clients and give them access to contact specific employees, DealerRaters offers better visibility across multiple websites.

You may choose one of these options, but whatever you decide, using a review site like DealerRater is an excellent way to reach out to potential buyers and increase customer satisfaction through reviews.


November 16, 2022

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