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Agoda Booking complete guide

Agoda Booking complete guide
Richard Doan

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read A complete guide to booking hotels through offers some of the most affordable hotels worldwide.

It offers a range of accommodation options, including luxurious and budget accommodations.

Here I'll teach you how to use Agoda so you can book hotels online.

We'll start by covering Agoda's history as a company, how their site works, and address some common issues and questions people might have.

Next, let's talk about the steps involved in creating an account, filtering search results, finding your ideal listing, the differences between free cancellations and non-refunded bookings, and completing, paying for, changing, and canceling a reservation.

Here, we'll look at some of Agoda's essential features, benefits, and helpful information, such as the benefits of being an Agoda customer, how to get in touch with Agoda, and how to book a flight or hotel room or airport transfer using We'll also look closely at some of the topics covered in the sections above.

Brief History And Overview Of Agoda

Founded in 2005, was cofounded by Robert Rosenstein and Michael Kenney.

The company was founded in Phuket, Thailand but is now headquartered in Singapore. Agoda initially focussed on the Southeast Asian markets and quickly became ubiquitous in them.

Agoda still maintains an active position in Asia but has also been expanding globally. It offers more than 2.5 thousand hotel listings across 200+ counties and territories. The company has over four thousand employees working in thirty locations worldwide and operates websites and apps in 39 languages.

In 2007, Priceline bought, an online hotel booking site based in Singapore. Since then, Agoda has grown into one of the largest online hotels in Southeast Asia. Today, they offer over 100,000 rooms across 5,600 properties in 190 countries worldwide.

How Works

Agoda works through an affiliate marketing business plan. An affiliate marketer sells products or services he doesn't control but earns commissions for every purchase his clients make.

Agoda doesn't own any hotels. It makes travel easy for guests by providing them with a wide variety of accommodations at competitive rates. Hosts get compensated when their properties are booked through Agoda.

Agoda pays hosts a commission for every completed reservation as an incentive for hosting travelers.

How Agoda Can Sell Rooms At Steep Discounts

Marketing is usually an expensive, often prohibitively, the cost for most small businesses.

Most hotels don't get their names in people's minds unless they're trying to sell them something.

OTA's (Online Travel Agencies) like Agoda have built their platforms and marketplaces for travel deals. They've generated significant traffic through these channels. Thousands of potential travelers browse daily, looking for travel deals. Many are loyal consumers willing to pay if they find a good deal.

Through partnerships with Agoda, lesser-known hotels can gain exposure through Agoda's huge inventory. Agoda gets to increase its inventory while host hotels benefit from increased visibility.

Some hotels let sell their rooms at a significant discount to get more traffic through Agoda's platform. If a hotel has a lower price than others, it will be shown first when people filter for prices. This results in more bookings and, eventually, more reviews.

The owner can increase the price if a list has gained some positive reviews. More positive ratings will allow it to now be able to compete at a higher price level.

Safety And Reliability Concerns uses systems to stop fraudulent bookings.

These systems help protect customers who don't know Agoda's platform well. Agoda generally approaches things from a customer-centered perspective.

Before new host profiles are approved, we require them to provide evidence of ownership of the property they're trying to list.

How To Create An Agoda Account

You get lots of benefits by registering for an Agoda account.

Later in this post, we'll discuss some of Agoda's money-saving features. However, these features aren't available until you first create an account. It only requires a couple of minutes to set up an account. Here's a quick guide:

To create an Instagram business profile, go to the Instagram Business Center homepage by clicking "Create a Business Profile" in the upper right corner.

Then, enter your email address, username, and full name into the fields provided.

Enter your details, then press "Create an online profile." You should get an email confirming your registration within 10 minutes.

You can edit personal details, including your name, email address, phone number, etc.

  • User credentials (name, email address, phone number, and password).
  • If you want to use social media sites, link your Facebook account to them, so you don't need to remember another username and password.
  • Set up payment options for your app.
  • Subscriptions to email newsletters (opt-ins to the newsletter or receive special offers, if you'd like)

An excellent listing for an item is accessible when you know where to look.

There is always a risk of an unexpected problem when booking accommodation online instead of in person or through a recommended source.

With so many daily transac­tions, so many hotels joining every day, and the hotel and tourism industry being one of the most competitive industries worldwide, it's no wonder why.

We can do certain things to minimize the risks associated with booking through Agoda. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind.

Searching for a listing:

  • Determine where you want to go, when you'd like to be there, and how much you're willing
  • You can use Agoda's filters to refine your search results by specifying your requirements.

Only consider listings with:

  • Positive guest feedback has been received recently.
  • Showing clear pictures of your room and the property's entrance

Choosing a place to stay and make sure you book it:

  • You'll see many cheap hotels on Agoda, but not all are close enough to the main sights. Be careful which hotel you pick because each has its interactive map and shows the location of nearby landmarks.
  • Read the entire description carefully. Make sure the amenities match what you're looking for. A detailed description shows that the owner took the time to create the property.
  • Double-check the total cost before making any reservations.
  • You should be able to book an appointment within 10 minutes of completing the online form.

How To Filter Your Search Results offers lots of listings for hotels and vacation rentals in popular locations.

If you want to ensure you see only the hotels you're interested in when searching for them online, use Agoda's filters. They're easy to use and help you determine which hotels are most relevant to you.

You can filter your results by setting your desired destinations, dates, and number of travelers.

  • Most popular destinations (places where people go frequently)
  • It would help if you chose a price for your stay.
  • Star ratings for each property range from one star to five stars.
  • Location (choose from nearby neighborhoods or near attractions)
  • See more (filter by amenities, service types, and other features).

When you first start using Agoda, I recommend looking at all the filters one time before making any reservations. You can get an idea of what type of accommodations are available in the location you want to visit.

On top of the list are the filter options, which let you choose between price, distance, review ratings, and secret offers.

If you want to narrow down your search results even further, you can select from several different options, including "homes," "family-friendly," "free breakfast," or "book without a credit." These four options are located in the screen's box on the right side.

Understanding Agoda Homes

As a result of Airbnb's success, the idea of renting out one's house to strangers has become acceptable by the mainstream. This led to the creation of an entirely new market.

With more competition from Airbnb, hosts are looking for ways to increase their bookings. has recently launched its platform, Agoda Homes, which lets people offer their homes as short-term rentals.

While most people prefer the traditional hotel experience for their vacation, the home listings category offers more choices and flexibility to those who want to try something different.

There is no difference between free cancellations and non-refundable bookings.

There are two kinds of Agoda bookers:

  • Free Cancellation Bookings
  • Non-Refundable Bookings

You get a complete reimbursement if you cancel before the "cancel until" date.

If you cancel within 24 hours of making the reservation, you'll receive a partial refund for the first night's accommodation. However, if you cancel after that time, there won't be any refund. You'll be charged a penalty. Typically, the penalty is worth at least the first night's accommodations, but depending on your hosts' policies, it could be more.

It's easy to tell whether a booking offers free cancellation by looking at its details page. The booking is refundable if the word "free" appears in the details section. Otherwise, it isn't.

Here's an example of a listing offering free cancellations.

To view a listing's cancellation policy, click the listing from the list of listings found on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the listing to see the host's cancellation policy. Hosts set their cancellation policies, so it'll be essential to read them before booking.

How To Complete And Pay For Your Booking

Once you've found a hotel that fits your tastes and budget, select your reservation. Then you'll be taken to the payment/reservation screen.

You can either pay for your hotel room using an online payment method (such as a credit card) or by paying in cash at the front desk.

You can pay for your hotel stay using one of these five cards: Visa, Master­Carte, Amex, JCB, or Carte Bleu.

Most accommodations are available online payment methods, but all properties may not accept them. If you need to pay in cash, ask when booking if there are any additional fees associated with making an in-cash transaction.

Book Now, Pay Later

They'll show up in the results if you're looking for an Airbnb listing where you don't need to provide payment information when booking.

Book without a credit card

To avoid using a credit card, choose "No Credit Card" as one of your search filter options.

Booking Confirmation (Important)

When you complete an online reservation, you'll be taken to a confirmation screen where you'll be given a unique Booking ID. You won't be able to use that ID for any other reservations.

If you book through our site, we'll send you an email confirmation shortly after you complete your reservation. We use this time to confirm your credit card payment and check for errors.

You may need to show your booking confirmation email and photo ID/passport when checking into your hotel room.

How To Manage/Change Your Booking

Changing Your Booking Dates

Sign into your Agoda account first.

After clicking your account name on the top right-hand side of the homepage, go to My Bookings in the drop-down menu and find the booking you'd like to edit under Upcoming Bookings. Then, select Edit booking from the drop-down menu.

Besides the date range, you'll also be able to change the number of days for each booking period.

Click this link, then adjust your dates by clicking the arrows next to each.

You might receive an error message stating that you cannot change this reservation online. Contact Agoda's customer support team if you encounter any issues. They can help you further.

Changing the Primary Guest's Name

You must change the primary guest's name if you transfer your booking to someone else.

You can add a new primary booking by clicking "Add New Guests" under the "Upcoming bookings" tab and entering the new primary booking's details into the appropriate fields.

You must ensure the names you enter match the names on the guests' IDs. If they don't match, there's a risk that the guests won't be accepted at the hotel.

Hosting companies reserve the right to refuse a primary host switch request. Always contact the hosting company before changing your primary host.

Changing Your Credit Card Details

If you choose to book later, you can change your card details at any time after making your reservation. However, you must contact Agoda directly to do so.

They prefer handling their customer's payment details by telephone rather than via email to minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions.

You can either:

  • If you want to contact Agoda, call their 24/7 live chat service at +44 (0) 20 3027
  • Send an email to customer support at

How To Cancel Your Booking

Sign in first.

Now, go back to your Home screen by clicking your account username in the top left corner, then select "My Bookings." Alternatively, if you received an email from us confirming your booking, you can access your Bookings directly from there.

On the My Bookings page, you'll see all of your book­ings organized by Upcoming (the most recent), Com­pleted (those that were completed), and Cancelled (those that were canceled). Click on any one of these three headings to view the details for that particular booking.

You can either click "Book" again to book another date, or you can click "Cancellation" if you want to change your mind.

If you cancel your booking after clicking "Book now," you'll be able to select a reason for your cancella­tion. Then, you can continue by selecting "Continue with canceling."

Cancel the booking by clicking "Cancel" on the next page.

If you book an appointment by clicking the button below, a message saying, "Your booking has been canceled," will appear.

You should expect an email from us within 10 minutes telling you if your booking has been canceled. It will look something like this.

The Benefits Of Becoming An Agoda Customer offers considerable savings for its members and has added new features and benefits throughout the year. It will surely add more in the future too.

You're already using some of the best features available when you use Agoda; however, there are even better ones available.

Let's go through them one by one.


AgodaCash is an online rewards program from Agoda.

By giving customers something they can use for future purchases, Agoda wants people to come back to their site again and again. Agoda Cash allows people to get something out of every purchase.

You'll be able to get AgodaCash when you book AgodaCash-eligible hotels. However, not all hotels are AgodaCash eligible. Check for this purple Agoda Cash logo in the hotel details section of a listing to see if it's AgodaCash eligible.

Promo Codes

Agoda offers promotional code discounts to encourage new customers to visit their site and for current customers to return. They offer discounts ranging from 5%-20%.

On Agoda, there are two deals: Explorer Deals and Everyday Deals.

Agoda VIP

Agoda VIP is their customer reward program.

Agoda VIP was designed to help hotels attract more guests by promoting them to their most loyal customers. Hotels that maintain high customer service ratings may receive VIP discounts on their listings, leading to more exposure in the hotel search results.

There are four different levels of Agoda accounts:

  • Member
  • VIP Silver
  • VIP Gold
  • VIP Platinum

When you sign up for an Agoda account, you automatically become a "new user" (as opposed to a "previous user"). However, you won't receive any unique benefits until you reach certain milestones.

Once you've completed two booking transactions within 24 months while keeping a low cancel rate, your account will be upgraded to VIP Silver status. With VIP Silver status, you can reserve VIP listings at discounts of up to 12% off.

Once you meet the requirements for VIP Gold status after completing five booking transactions within 24 months, your account will be upgraded to VIP Gold. VIP gold status allows you to reserve VIP properties at discounts up to 18% off.

Once you've completed ten bookings within 24 months while maintaining a low cancel­lation rate, your account will be upgraded to VIP Platinum status. With VIP Platinum status, you can book VIP properties at discounts of up to 25% off.


Agoda developed the PointsMAX reward system for its members in partnership with some significant airline companies.

With PointsMAX, Agoda members can earn points towards an airline's reward programs while booking their hotel rooms through Agoda.

You'll need to connect your Agoda account to your PointsMAX account to earn points for your airline reward program.

Insider Deals

Insider offers are only available to registered Agora customers. You need to sign into your account before viewing them.

You can find deals up to 30 percent off at sites like this.

Best Price Guarantee

If you've booked a hotel room through Agoda and found a similar room with the same booking terms for the exact dates at an even better rate, you can use their online claims system to request a refund.

Before booking, you'll want to check if the hotel offers your needed services. For example, some hotels offer free Wi-Fi, but others don't. Some hotels allow pets, while others don't. You may even be able to get a discount by booking directly from the hotel instead of using an online travel agency (OTA).

You can file a claim if you find that the two listings have similar requirements. Here's some information you need to include in your claim:

  • Your booking ID is found in your confirmation email.
  • Website URL and screenshot showing the same conditions and dates.
  • Name of property and the location where it's located

Agoda will be able to issue an official refund for any booking made through their site within 1-2 business days after receiving your request. They may compensate you in Agoda Cash instead.

How To Contact Agoda

Most issues you'll encounter as an Agora customer can be resolved by contacting Agora directly. Agora has an online help desk where you can get answers to questions and resolve issues. You can contact them via email, live chat, phone, or social media.

Agoda has made customer service more accessible by allowing customers to take care of their inquiries without contacting agents. For more on Agoda's self-service option, visit

If you experience an unresolvable problem, you'll need to report it via Agoda's ticketing system. Then, if necessary, you'll be able to reach out to Agoda's agents who handle your account.

It can sometimes be challenging to get hold of someone at Agoda. We're working hard to improve our customer support.

To contact Agoda, either:

  • Call Agoda's 24/7 hotline at +44 (0) 20 3027 7900, or email them at [
  • If you encounter any issues with Agoda, email their support team at the following address: [email protected]

How To Book A Flight Through Agoda

Agoda offers flight bookings through its website in partnership with

If you're familiar with Kayak's site layout, you'll quickly realize that Agoda's flight booking page resembles theirs. Here's how to buy a ticket through Agoda:

To view flights, click "Flights' in the upper left corner.

You'll be redirected to flights—Agoda, where you can enter the flight details and dates. Agoda and Kayak both provide the same flights and pricing options.

How To Rent A Car Through Agoda

Agoda provides car rentals through their site, in cooperation with Rentalcars.Com. Rentalcars.Com has the largest selection of cars available for rent.

Here's how to book:

If you hover your cursor over the three dots at the top right corner of the screen, you'll notice that there are two options: Car Rentals and Things To Do. Click Car Rentals.

You'll be redirected to to complete the booking process.

If you want to get picked up by Lyft, enter your pickup address and date range, and select whether you need a ride from one place to another. Then click "Search." You'll then be taken to the search results screen, where you can see which drivers are available for

How To Book An Airport Transfer

Agoda offers airport pickup and transfer services in partnership with Mozito.

With this booking tool, customers can easily book accommodations and transportation services simultaneously.

To book an airport shuttle service, follow these steps:

Click "Airport transfers" on the homepage.

You'll then be taken to this screen, where you're asked for your pickup and delivery location, pickup day and time, and the number of passengers. You can even schedule a round trip if you know where you want to go before you leave.

You can choose which vehicle to rent sedans, vans, or buses.

Agoda's Website vs. Agoda's App

Apart from user interfaces, Agoda's mobile apps function like their websites.

With Agoda's mobile app, you can access all the same services as the desktop version.

If you're looking for an easier way to book travel accommodations, installing the Airbnb mobile application on your smartphone may be worth considering. It allows you to easily view properties, compare prices, and book directly from your device.


If you did, hopefully, this guide was helpful for you.

With everything I've covered here, it's up to you to make it happen. There are so many deals out there.

If you want to know more about Agoda, check out these other articles.

Enjoy your travels!


November 16, 2022

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