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Zillow Reviews

About Zillow Reviews

Are you looking for an honest opinion about a new home recently listed on Zillow? Chances are, if the listing has been available for some time and attracted enough interested buyers, there are likely other opinions out there about it. With online reviews becoming more relevant than ever, many real estate seekers are turning to look at Zillow reviews as part of their research.

What You Can Expect from Zillow Reviews

Zillow reviews are unbiased and written by verified users who have either purchased a home or have visited with a realtor through the Zillow app. Unlike user reviews found on similar sites—such as Yelp or TripAdvisor —which may be subject to bias, abuse, manipulation or even fraudulent claims, the content featured by Zillow is carefully checked to ensure accuracy and legitimacy. This makes these reviews reliable sources of information that can be used in your decision making process while researching potential homes.
Another benefit of reading Zillow reviews is that they often provide additional insight into neighborhoods and communities that goes beyond what’s in the listing description. These perspectives give buyers important contextual clues about local culture and vibrancy so you know what to expect before signing any paperwork.

Reviewers usually provide facts about noise levels in the area, nearby attractions (or lack thereof), local crime statistics, school ratings in the region and overall quality of life descriptions—all valuable points that can help inform potential homebuyers holistically before making a large purchase.

Look Closely at Expert Grades Given by Real Estate Agents

In addition to customer comments, each listing will also feature an expert grade given to them by real estate agents around the country who have seen - or heard - first-hand experiences related to properties listed on the website. These ratings take into account factors such as cleanliness, safety and energy efficiency when assigning grades on various aspects of businesses or residential buildings. The purpose of these evaluations are to provide customers with an easy way to quickly skim listings they may be interested in while utilizing all available resources on Zillow's platform.

To wrap up: Whether you’re buying a single-family property or renting an apartment complex for family vacations down south – make sure you take full advantage of all the review resources available through Zillow! Reading through customer feedback provided via online channels leaves no room for supposition when it comes time to sign an agreement with a realtor or close off any deal pertaining rental/purchase negotiations taking place throughout 2020/2021 market landscape.


Frequently asked questions

What is Zillow's policy on reviews?

Zillow's policy is that only verified customers can write reviews about Zillow-listed properties or services. All reviews must be honest and accurate, and must not contain any offensive or libellous content.

How can I submit a Zillow Review?

To submit a Zillow Review, head to the Zillow website and click on “Reviews”. From there, select a property or neighborhood and click the “Post Your Review” button. Fill out all necessary fields and submit your review.

Are Zillow Reviews monitored for accuracy?

Yes, Zillow does monitor reviews for accuracy, and users are required to confirm that their review represents their genuine experience. If a review appears biased or fake, it may be removed.

Can I remove a review I posted on Zillow?

Yes, you can remove a review you posted on Zillow. To do so, log into your account and go to the profile and review page. From there, select the review you wish to delete and click on the link provided to delete it.

Do the reviews carry more weight for agents who are paid advertisers on Zillow?

No, the reviews on Zillow do not carry more weight for agents who are paid advertisers. All reviews are treated with the same level of importance, regardless of a user's advertising status.

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