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WeddingWire Reviews

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WeddingWire Reviews

About WeddingWire Reviews

Through its online marketplace and wedding planning software, WeddingWire helps couples create their dream weddings. From the engagement to the honeymoon and beyond, WeddingWire simplifies the entire wedding process for brides and grooms-to-be. But is this service worth its high price? In this article, we’ll review what WeddingWire offers and help you decide if it’s the right choice for your special day.

WeddingWire Features

WeddingWire has a variety of features that make it an attractive choice for couples planning their wedding. It offers a free website builder with customizable templates, as well as tools to manage travel plans, design custom invitations and RSVP lists, track vendors and payments, transfer photos between digital albums, create guest seating charts, integrate gift registries on one site, send out automated emails to guests regarding important dates or changes in plans, and more.

Weddingwire Pricing

The basic version of WeddingWire is free to use; however, many of the features are limited in scope without upgrading to one of the paid levels. The Plus plan costs $19/month while Professional starts at $39/month (or $99/6 months). These paid memberships come with added access to larger bandwidths and additional storage capabilities for websites or directories.

Customer Support

We tested their customer service team and found them friendly but not overly knowledgeable on all topics. The support team responded quickly via email and provided helpful advice that was tailored towards our needs. However it did take some time for them to actually understand our query which was slightly disappointing.


Overall we found WeddingWire to be a reasonably priced option for budget-conscious couples who want full control over every aspect of their wedding planning process from home . Although customer support may not be as knowledgeable as expected , most customers will find easy success when using their software . This can be extremely helpful when tackling such an involved event like a wedding!


Frequently asked questions

What is WeddingWire Review?

WeddingWire Review is an online platform for customers to write reviews about wedding vendors, venues, and services. It helps couples find the perfect vendors and venue for their special day.

How do I write a WeddingWire Review?

To write a WeddingWire review, log in to your WeddingWire account, select the vendor/service you would like to review, and then click on “Write a Review.” Enter the details of your experience with that vendor, rate it based on quality of service provided and be sure to include any other relevant information. Once you are finished, submit the review for it to appear on their page.

Does writing a WeddingWire Review cost anything?

No, writing a WeddingWire review does not cost anything. You can review vendors for free on their website.

How does WeddindWire ensure that reviews are accurate and reliable?

WeddingWire ensures reviews are accurate and reliable by verifying the couples who post reviews have used their service, preventing businesses from leaving reviews on competitors' sites, and taking swift action against fraudulent or fake reviews. They also offer an arbitration process for both customers and businesses to dispute or clarify any inaccurate or misleading information.

What is the difference between a rating and a review on WeddingWire?

On WeddingWire, a rating is given by customers as a numerical score that provides a general idea of their experience. A review is an in-depth written opinion from customers, providing insights into the services they received.

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