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Walmart Reviews

About Walmart Reviews

Walmart is one of the largest and most popular retailers in the world, but how do they rank with customers? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key highlights from Walmart reviews.

Customer Satisfaction

A recent survey by ConsumerAffairs showed that 81% of respondents gave Walmart positive ratings for their customer service. The same survey revealed that most customers had favorable things to say about product selection and price, as well as in-store and online experiences.

Product Quality & Availability

The majority of Walmart reviews praise the company for its large product selection and competitive prices. Customers also noted that items are often available from nearby locations when needed. Despite this high praise, there were a few negative comments about some items not being available or being out of stock at certain stores — although reviewers said that this was quite rare.

Online Shopping Experience

Customers report having good experiences with Walmart’s online shopping site, noting it was easy to navigate as well as find discounts and deals on items located nearby. Many shoppers also commented positively on Walmart’s delivery options, saying they were reliable and efficient at getting orders to them in a timely manner.  

Customer Service

Feedback regarding customer service was generally positive. Reviewers mentioned feeling safe while shopping in-store due to the store’s pandemic safety protocols and said that employees were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable when asked questions or seeking assistance. Additionally, those who opted for delivery noted having helpful deliveries drivers; some even reported receiving small gifts with their orders!  

Bottom Line:

Overall, reviews for Walmart have been incredibly positive from both customers shopping in-store as well as those opting for delivery services. From discounted prices to efficient delivery options to friendly customer service staff — it appears that Walmart knows how to keep their customers happy!


Frequently asked questions

How do I find reviews for individual Walmart stores?

You can find reviews for individual Walmart stores by going to reviews websites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and TripAdvisor. You can also visit Walmart's website and look for customer reviews for specific store locations.

What should I consider when reading Walmart reviews?

When reading Walmart reviews, it's important to consider the source of the review and its level of detail. Additionally, verify any claims made by the reviewer and take into account their rating of the product itself.

Can I leave a review of a Walmart store on their website?

Yes, you can leave a review of a Walmart store on their website. On the Walmart website, select 'Stores' and then enter your store number or location to view store details and leave a customer review.

Are Walmart reviews generally positive or negative overall?

Generally, Walmart reviews are mostly positive. Customers tend to rate their experiences and purchases from Walmart very highly. However, there can still be negative reviews due to a variety of reasons.

Is there a specific rating system used in Walmart reviews?

Yes, Walmart reviews have a 5-star rating system with customers able to leave comments to further explain their rating. Customers are also able to thumbs up or thumbs down recommendations from other customers.

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