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Thumbtack Reviews

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Thumbtack Reviews

About Thumbtack Reviews

Thumbtack is an online platform which helps consumers find service professionals for projects in almost every category. It works a lot like a match-maker – connecting customers with qualified professionals who can then provide services ranging from home repairs to pet care. What makes Thumbtack unique, however, is that it also provides reviews and ratings of each prospective candidate so that buyers can make educated decisions before purchasing services.

How do Thumbtack Reviews Work?

When searching for a professional on Thumbtack, customers can see ratings and reviews from previous customers that have worked with the provider in question. The customer rating system allows you to read what actual customers thought about the professional’s services before deciding whether or not to hire them for your project.

The customer reviews come directly from past clients who used the service professional’s services while the scorecard feedback is based on responses to questions related to their professionalism, responsiveness, quality of work and value they provided after they completed their job. The average star rating featured in each professional’s profile is an aggregate of customer reviews as well as verified review response data collected throughout the year. This data helps potential clients know what kind of experience past customers have had with a particular service provider which makes it easier to decide if they’re qualified fit for their project needs.

The Benefits of Using Thumbtack Reviews When Hiring Service Professionals

By using Thumbtack Reviews, you can quickly learn about any given service professional such as their average rating, how long they’ve been established on the platform, how many jobs they’ve secured and what type customer experiences people have had with prospects before deciding who you want to hire for your project needs.

Using this feature ensures that you are making informed decisions by reading unbiased customer opinions from real people who have hired the same person that you might consider hiring yourself after evaluation all relevant criteria including ratings/reviews and cost estimates for a given job opportunity presented by said expert or team overall associated with a particular task at hand or proposal in general as applicable depending on any given scenario exactly. Thus allowing users access verifiable evidence pools before following through by accepting quotes submitted by respective contractors assigned towards completing proposed assignments online virtually eliminating risk commonly associated when hiring someone blindly off the web (or avoiding scams all together).


Frequently asked questions

What are the different Thumbtack reviews ratings?

Reviews on TheKnot not only cover vendors, but also venues, wedding cakes, photographers, dress rental and design companies, makeup artists, and various other services related to planning a wedding.

How are Thumbtack reviews ratings calculated?

Thumbtack reviews ratings are calculated based on the average of all user reviews, weighing the most recent reviews more heavily than older ones. Additionally, Thumbtack rates businesses based on a proprietary algorithm that takes several factors into account, such as customer service ratings and certifications.

What types of services have reviews on Thumbtack?

Thumbtack has reviews for a variety of services, such as professional movers, house cleaners, wedding photographers, handymen and more.

What is the highest review rating a customer can give?

The highest review rating a customer can give is 5 stars.

Can customers leave negative reviews for service providers on Thumbtack?

Yes, customers are able to leave negative reviews for service providers on Thumbtack. These reviews are visible to other customers and can affect a provider's reputation and ranking position in search results.

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