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Martindale Reviews

About Martindale Reviews

If you're interested in purchasing products or services online, you may have heard of Martindale reviews – but do you know what they are? Martindale reviews are an online customer feedback platform that provides detailed product and service reviews from verified customers.

What Is a Martindale Review?

A Martindale review is a type of customer feedback method provided by the independent evaluator, ICDP International Consumer Disclosure Program (ICDP). It is one of the most comprehensive platforms for customer reviews which allows buyers to make an informed decision when they consider vendors’ offerings.

The four key components of a reputable Martindale review include a star rating out of five stars and area-specific ratings, including trustworthiness and quality, on whether or not the vendor meets their clients' expectations. Other information such as location and years in business can also be found in a lender's profile.

How Are Martindale Reviews Used?

Martindale reviews are often used by consumers to find out more about companies before making a purchase. By reading detailed customer reviews, buyers can get a more complete picture beyond what is provided through company advertising or search engines.

Martindale reviews are also becoming increasingly popular with businesses as well, who use them to gain keen insight into their customer satisfaction levels and where improvements can be made. Customers often share useful information such as perceived delivery times for services or speed of product delivery which could then be employed by the business to actively improve upon these areas– all while gaining greater insight into any discrepancies between service provision versus what was promised ahead of time.      

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using Martindale Reviews?

Although it is generally accepted that all platforms need to have certain drawbacks – especially those dealing with data privacy – this is not really the case when it comes to using Martindale reviews. Unlike other customer feedback systems where opinions may vary widely, with Martinez evaluations customers only receive verified feedback from real customers who have directly purchased products or used services from the vendors being reviewed. This gives users much more confidence when relying on these opinion pieces since there is no room for doubt over authenticity.


Overall, Martindale reviews provide an excellent resource for prospective buyers who may want to know more about particular products and services being offered online. The fact that these feedbacks come from third-party sources eliminates any bias associated with buying decisions – allowing shoppers to make informed choices free from unnecessary influence


Frequently asked questions

What is a Martindale review?

A Martindale review is a comprehensive online directory of lawyers, law firms, and legal services providers. It includes peer reviews as well as all relevant information about the lawyers and firms listed in the directory, including contact information, areas of practice and experience.

How often are Martindale reviews updated?

Martindale reviews are updated every three years for doctors and lawyers. For products, the reviews are updated as new feedback comes in, or if changes have been made to the product.

Who uses Martindale reviews to make decisions about lawyers?

Martindale reviews are used by clients and referral services seeking to find qualified lawyers or law firms in which to place their case.

Is there a cost associated with accessing Martindale reviews?

Yes, there is a cost associated with accessing Martindale reviews, as only members of the Martindale-Hubbell Online Network can access the in-depth lawyer ratings and reviews. Non-members can buy individual Lawyer Rating Reports on for a fee.

Does a high Martindale rating guarantee a successful outcome in court?

No, a high Martindale rating does not guarantee a successful outcome in court. While it is one indicator of an attorney’s credentials and ability, much also depends on the complexity of the legal issue and the skill of opposing counsel.

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