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LendingTree Reviews

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LendingTree Reviews

About LendingTree Reviews

Are you in need of a personal loan? Fortunately, with the rise of FinTech and digital lending companies, getting your hands on a loan is becoming ever easier. But which company should you choose? One popular option is LendingTree — but what exactly do their customers have to say?

What Is LendingTree?

LendingTree is one of the pioneers in online lending marketplaces, founded back in 1996. The company has grown rapidly over the past two decades and now offers all sorts of services related to borrowing money. The main service that they offer is connecting borrowers with lenders for personal loans. They are also known for providing free credit reports, debt relief programs, and other money management resources, such as rate quotes from multiple lenders all at once.

What Are People Saying About LendingTree?

Most of the reviews about LendingTree focus on their customer service policies and how fast they process requests for personal loans. For example, some customers point out how helpful their agents were when handling their individual accounts or processing any paperwork needed for their loans. The vast majority of reviews praise LendingTree’s fast turnaround times and convenient online loan application process. Many reviewers also found their products to be competitively priced compared to traditional banks and other online lenders.

LendingTree Reviews On Social Media

The sheer number of positive reviews online points to an overall positive perception about LendingTree among consumers who have tried them out before. LinkedIn boasts nearly 2000 reviews describing them as "helpful" and "time-saving". Twitter has seen mostly positive feedback too, especially regarding their customer service team's ability to quickly answer questions while helping customers make informed decisions about borrowing money over the internet.

Finally: What Should You Do?

When searching for a reliable lender it’s important that you first read through reviews from actual users sharing experiences related to taking out a personal loan from them — this will give you the best indication whether a particular lender is worth trusting or not. We highly recommend reading through recent user reports about LendingTree before committing to use this service because it could make all the difference between securing yourself an affordable loan versus being strapped down by high-interest payments later on down the line!


Frequently asked questions

What types of services does LendingTree provide?

LendingTree is an online loan marketplace that provides services to customers who are looking for loans for personal, home, and business needs. They provide loan comparison, shopping, and personalized guidance to meet each customer's individual loan requirements.

How secured are the loan requests on LendingTree?

LendingTree takes its members’ security very seriously and employs industry standard encryption for both its website and software applications. They have a dedicated team that monitors the system 24/7 to ensure all loan requests are kept secure and private.

How does LendingTree solicit customer reviews and ratings?

LendingTree encourages customers to review their experience through email campaigns and surveys sent to customers after they complete a loan, mortgage or service with LendingTree. Customers can also review their experience on third party sites such as Google and Yelp. Additionally, LendingTree reaches out directly to customers that had a less-than-satisfactory experience in order to learn how they can improve the customer experience.

What do customers say about their experience with LendingTree?

Many customers report having positive and satisfactory experiences with their LendingTree services. Many people find their platform easy to use, user-friendly, and helpful for finding the best loan options for their needs. Customers also appreciate the various financial tools and resources that are available to them on the site.

Does LendingTree offer any incentives for reviewing services?

Yes, LendingTree offers incentive programs that reward customers for leaving reviews of the services they use. This includes cash rewards and discounts on future loan or refinance activities.

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