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About Reviews has become a popular resource for finding lawyers and obtaining lawyer reviews to help make informed decisions when seeking legal representation. Here's what you should know about reviews before considering a lawyer.

What is is one of the most trusted online legal directories, with more than one million verified profiles from attorneys all over the United States. The website allows you to easily search for trusted lawyers near you by keyword or region and then read ratings and reviews from past clients who have been served by each attorney or law firm on the site.

How Do Lawyer Ratings Work? offers a five-star rating system as well as detailed written reviews that can help you to decide which lawyer is best for your needs. You can look up an individual lawyer’s profile page to see how many stars they receive from their past clients, alongside specific comments that these former customers have made about them, giving insight into their professionalism and experience level in dealing with whatever kind of case they specialize in.

Are Lawyer Ratings Legal Advice?

It’s important to note that ratings are not a substitute for legal advice – it’s always recommended to speak directly with an experienced attorney before making any final decisions regarding hiring one to represent you on any issue relating to the law. Reviews and ratings exist solely as a tool to serve as guidance throughout your decision-making process, leveraging feedback from previous client experiences when researching potential attorneys who may be able to assist your own particular case or dispute moving forward.

Do Lawyers Have Control Over Lawyer Ratings?

Although attorneys cannot “edit out” negative reviews or adversely attempt in any way whatsoever to manipulate their listing within the directory (in order to minimize exposure on less favorable affidavits), some points of view are allowed within controlled limits – when applicable and applicable rules regulations do not prescribe otherwise. This means lawyers may respond both publicly (to all users) or privately (directly between themselves & reviewers) on a single case, if brought into question legitimately via feedback/ratings received through Lawyers Online Portal Page/Dashboard interface, informing others objectively about each incident as it may appear outdated, misreported/incorrect etc., although this usually involves only civil matters processes & procedures otherwise suggested hereinabove further which demands separate permission approval prior approval basis prior attaining where necessary so involved without violating underlying guidelines.


Frequently asked questions

How do I interpret the ratings on Reviews?

Ratings on Reviews should be interpreted carefully, as they represent the opinions of individuals who have had experiences with a particular lawyer or law firm. The ratings are useful for comparing different lawyers, but it’s important to take into account the context of any given review before drawing conclusions about a particular lawyer’s ability or suitability for a case.

How are the lawyers featured in reviews on selected?

Lawyers featured in reviews on are selected based on their professional qualifications, conducting peer evaluation surveys, and overall client satisfaction ratings.

Is there a way to request a review of a lawyer on

Yes, you can request a review of a lawyer on You can do this by signing up for an account and then submitting a review form in the site.

How unfortunately can I rely on the accuracy of the reviews and ratings found on

Unfortunately, you cannot rely on the accuracy of the reviews and ratings found on as they can often be subjective and not necessarily indicative of the quality or efficacy of legal services provided. It is always best to speak directly with a legal professional before making decisions based solely on reviews and ratings.

In what ways can Reviews help me in finding an attorney? Reviews can help you in finding an attorney by providing you with reviews from previous clients and ratings from other legal professionals in the field, so that you can make an informed decision when selecting a lawyer for your specific needs. Additionally, allows users to find attorneys within their jurisdiction and compare them based on different criteria such as experience, expert opinion, pricing and more.

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