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InsiderPages Reviews

About InsiderPages Reviews

Indeed Reviews have become an indispensable tool for many employers in the talent acquisition process. Indeed reviews give employers essential insights into a candidate's professional and personal qualities that they may not be able to find elsewhere. Whether you're looking to evaluate jobseekers or pitch your workplace to potential candidates, these reviews are a valuable source of information.

Discover Critical Insights About Candidates

Indeed Reviews are sourced from actual experiences with current and former employees. They allow recruiters and hiring managers to gain insight on how the candidate interacts within different teams, what their working style is, and how well they communicate. With this type of insight, employers can make more informed decisions when it comes to filling important roles at their organization.

Evaluate Employee Engagement

In addition to providing insight into prospective candidates, Indeed Reviews offer important feedback about current employees as well. Surveying reviews helps gauge employee satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement in the workplace or policies that could be better aligned with organizational goals.

Maximize Your Recruiting Strategies

Indeed Reviews help employers better understand which recruiting strategies work best for their specific objectives; this helps inform decision-making processes relating to budgeting, hiring software, recruitment campaigns, etc.. Furthermore, that same data can be used to measure impact of recruitment initiatives over time and track any shifts in public opinion regarding your brand or employer reputation.

Gain Relevant Competitive Intelligence

Mining indeed reviews offers relevant competitive intelligence regarding rival companies and staffing trends across industries; potential hires may have reviewed multiple open positions across different organizations before deciding where they'd like to apply; observing this kind of information will help employers understand their relative position in the marketplace vis-à-vis other companies vying for similar talent pools. Additionally, employers can observe competitor ratings in order to improve upon existing approaches and make sure their offering is better attuned with industry trends.


Frequently asked questions

How do I write an Indeed Review?

To write an Indeed review, go to the company profile page on Indeed and click the “Write a Review” button. Enter your review information including the star rating, title, body of text, and select “Post Review” when finished. Keep in mind that all reviews must meet Indeed's Guidelines to be published.

How long are Indeed Reviews publically visible?

Indeed Reviews remain publically visible for as long as the reviewer profile is active or until the reviewer or Employer chooses to delete it.

Are negative reviews of employers allowed on Indeed Reviews?

Yes, Indeed Reviews allows companies to receive negative reviews from past and current employees.

What is the best way to reply to an Indeed Review?

The best way to reply to an Indeed review is to thank the reviewer for their feedback and acknowledge any areas needed for improvement. If any of the feedback is inaccurate or not reflective of your business, you should politely explain why and provide an accurate account of what happened. Understanding the root cause can help both parties come to a resolution. Finally, it’s important to remain professional and polite throughout the dialogue.

How does Indeed moderate reviews before they appear online?

Indeed moderates reviews before they appear online to ensure accuracy and maintain the integrity of information provided by job seekers and employers. Reviews are validated, edited for clarity, and checked for inappropriate content.

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