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GreatSchools Reviews

About GreatSchools Reviews

As parents, we always do our best to make sure that our children get the best education possible. To help navigate and determine the best school in their area, many parents and educators utilize GreatSchools reviews.

Understand the GreatSchools Rating System

GreatSchools offers a ten-point rating system that can provide insight into a school’s overall performance as well as look at its specific strengths and weaknesses. This rating range begins with 1 (the lowest score) and advances up to 10 (the highest score). Schools near your search radius will display along with a numeric rating showing the perceived quality of education which can help you narrow down your choices for where to send your kids.

Read Reviews from Real Parents

When consulting these parent ratings, look for detailed comments about personal experiences from parents of existing students enrolled at the schools. Those reviews give an unbiased opinion of what it is like when visiting or attending the school itself. It can also provide insight into decisions such as class size, safety measures both inside and outside of the school building, teacher qualification/experience, after-school activities, student culture/diversity etc.

Compare Schools Side By Side

To really gauge one particular schools' strengths compared to another it’s helpful to compare ratings side by side within one platform instead of researching each individual level separately. Doing so gives you a clearer sense of where there lies more opportunity or promise within different schools found in your vicinity – leading you establish goals when taking students feedback or opinions into account before making a decision on which schooling option could be right for your child.

Take Parent Reviews With A Grain Of Salt

It's also important to take online reviews with a grain of salt — remember that all families have differing priorities regarding educational experiences, socio-economics play a major role in how adapted certain areas may be towards educational reform efforts and historic data doesn't always accurately depict current situations considering all changes that are still evolving at different rates across districts nation-wide. As always, applying caution comes along with doing research which goes hand in hand when assessing various school environments prior to enrollment city-wide!


Frequently asked questions

How do I leave a review for my child’s school on GreatSchools?

To leave a review for your child's school on GreatSchools, you need to create an account. After that, head to the school page on GreatSchools and select 'Write a Review'. This will bring up an interface where you can write your review and rate different aspects of the school. Once you submit the review it will be posted publicly so other parents can view it as well.

What factors should I consider when researching schools on GreatSchools?

When researching schools on GreatSchools, you should consider various factors such as a school's academic performance indicators, safety ratings, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and ratings from other parents. Additionally, you should also review its programming and extra-curricular activities to determine if it is the right fit for your child.

Is there any way to filter GreatSchools Review by location or type of school?

Yes, it is possible to filter GreatSchools Review by location or type of school. You can use the search bar at the top of the page, which allows you to narrow down your results based on location and type of school.

Are the reviews on GreatSchools reliable and unbiased?

No, the reviews on GreatSchools should not be considered completely reliable or unbiased as they are written by real people and may reflect biased opinions or personal experiences.

Is there a way to compare different schools based on parent reviews on GreatSchools?

Yes, GreatSchools provides detailed ratings and parent reviews of all schools, which allows parents to compare schools based on their experiences. Additionally, they provide a 1-10 rating that is calculated by academic performance data as well as feedback from parents.

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