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FindLaw Reviews

About FindLaw Reviews

FindLaw is an online legal directory that allows individuals to search for attorneys and law firms in the United States. But the scope of FindLaw goes far beyond simply allowing people to find lawyers; they also offer up-to-date legal news, information and analysis. Needless to say, FindLaw is one of the most widely-used sources of legal information today. In this article, we will review FindLaw’s website and services, as well as explore some user reviews about this popular source of legal information.

What does FindLaw offer?

From attorney directory listings to a database of thousands of articles related to various areas of practice, FindLaw offers users a plethora of valuable resources. They provide detailed description about individual areas of practice along with specific guidelines and details related to those areas. Additionally, it offers innovative technology solutions such as automated forms creation, case management systems and document assembly software backed by its quality assurance guarantee.

What do users think?

User reviews regarding FindLaw tend to be overwhelmingly positive. Many users note that they have found the site's database of articles quite insightful and helpful in understanding various aspects law. Additionally, others state that the customer service was friendly and helpful after contacting them for additional services or for support with their products or solutions. Some note negative experiences as well; however these are typically attributed to personal preference rather than any quality concerns regarding product or customer service from Findlaw itself.

Overall Impression

Overall, users appear satisfied with their experiences using Findlaw both in terms of its informational aspect as well as the customer service provided by the company when necessary. The site itself presents useful content related to different facets of law while still being relatively user friendly. Therefore we would recommend customers considering this resource chose it without any hesitation given their positive feedback thus far.


Frequently asked questions

How reliable are FindLaw Reviews?

FindLaw reviews can be reliable if they are read and verified by a qualified professional. The reviews should also be taken with a grain of salt, since they may not provide an individualized assessment of the services provided by an attorney.

What is the process for submitting a FindLaw Review?

The process for submitting a FindLaw Review is simple. First, sign up to create an account on the website. Once registered, log in and fill out the review form. Include your rating, a detailed description of your experience, and any other helpful information you may have. When done, hit the Submit button and your review will be sent for approval by FindLaw.

Is it possible to view client reviews of attorneys on FindLaw?

Yes, it is possible to view client reviews of attorneys on FindLaw. To locate reviews for an attorney, simply enter the name in the search bar and select the Reviews tab on their profile page.

How long does it take for a submitted FindLaw review to be published?

The average length of time for a FindLaw review to be published is around three to five business days.

Is there any cost associated with submitting a FindLaw Review?

No, there is no cost associated with submitting a FindLaw Review. You can submit your review for free.

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