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Do you run a business? Have you been looking for a way to boost customer engagement, increase sales and get more reviews?

CustomerLobby Reviews integration is the perfect solution! It integrates with your existing website and provides customers with an easy-to-use platform to leave honest feedback. With its powerful reporting tools, you can analyze customer data and create custom marketing campaigns to attract more customers.

Your customers will appreciate the quick, automated process that allows them to easily leave feedback. And with access to valuable customer insights, your business will be able to not only grow but also stay ahead of the competition by utilizing targeted strategies based on transparent customer data.

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CustomerLobby Reviews

About CustomerLobby Reviews

CustomerLobby Reviews is a powerful review-building software used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses to automatically generate authentic, five-star reviews from their existing customers. It features an intuitive dashboard populated with tools that integrate with popular platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook and TripAdvisor. In this article, we will look at how you can integrate CustomerLobby’s reviews into your website.

1. Create Your CustomerLobby Account

The first step in integrating CustomerLobby Reviews into your website is to create an account with the service. After signing up at, you’ll be taken through a brief onboarding process where you’ll enter basic information about your business such as name, logo and business address (this will be used to build trust with potential customers).

2. Embed CustomerLobby Code Into Your Website

Once you’ve created your account, it’s time to embed the code into your website – Each page on your site should include the code provided by CustomerLobby that displays all your reviews in one place. This code can easily be copied and pasted onto whichever page or pages you want the review widget to appear on in just minutes.

3. Setup Notifications & Automation

Once you have embedded CustomerLobby’s code into your website, it’s time to set up notifications and automation within the app itself so that whenever someone leaves a review – real or fake – you will get notified immediately via email or text message and can take appropriate action if needed (for example countersuing for libel). Customers can also opt-in for automated emails prompting them for a review after purchase – giving them an easy way to leave feedback without having to go searching for it themselves.

4 Analyze Performance & Optimize For Conversions

Finally, you’ll want to keep track of performance using the reports provided by CustomerLobby so that you can stay on top of any new reviews generated from customers who have interacted directly with your product/service over time instead of relying solely on positive reviews from strangers online. You can further optimize conversions rates by tweaking elements such as ad copy and visuals; leveraging multivariate testing techniques to determine which versions boast highest conversion rates; analyzing competitor data in order to stay ahead of market trends; etc., all depending on what type of industry or field of business you are currently in or seeking entry into with digital marketing efforts.


Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using CustomerLobby Reviews integration?

By using CustomerLobby Reviews integration, businesses can collect and analyze customer feedback in an efficient, convenient way. With this tool, businesses can easily identify areas of improvement and build stronger relationships with customers. Additionally, features such as sentiment analysis help businesses to understand the emotional implications of customer reviews and gain insights into how customers perceive the brand.

How does the CustomerLobby Reviews integration work?

The CustomerLobby Reviews integration works by automatically collecting verified customer reviews from customers and displaying them on your website. The integration can be set up easily, so that customers can quickly write reviews and leave feedback on any page of your site. Additionally, the integration will keep track of all reviews and ratings, making it easy to maintain an accurate profile of customer satisfaction.

How do I get started using the CustomerLobby Reviews integration?

To get started using the CustomerLobby Reviews integration, you will first need to create an account on CustomerLobby. Once your account is set up, you can then log into your customer dashboard and access the Reviews integration-specific settings. From there, you can customize how customer reviews are displayed on your website or social media accounts. You can also review and manage customer feedback in real-time within the CustomerLobby platform.

Does the CustomerLobby Reviews integration support multiple languages?

Yes, CustomerLobby Reviews can support multiple languages. Each language is accessible through the settings tab within your account.

Is there a fee associated with using CustomerLobby Reviews integration?

Yes, there is a fee associated with using CustomerLobby Reviews integration. The fees are based on the number of reviews requested and the plan you choose.

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