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About Reviews

If you're in the market for a vehicle, doing research is key to making the best decisions. offers reviews and opinions from customers to help with your car shopping process. Here are some tips for getting the most out of mounting reviews when online shopping for a vehicle:

Read Multiple Reviews

When reading car reviews, don’t rely on just one review from one person as each person has different opinions on performance and functionality of a particular vehicle. Furthermore, people also may express thoughts that can be disagreeable or uninformed about certain brands or models or may have unrealistic expectations when dealing with certain issues because they lack a solid understanding of how cars work. Consider reading multiple reviews before deciding which car to buy.

Look at Timestamps

Timestamps allow you to read the “age” of a reviewer’s opinion and see how long it has been since they wrote their review. If the car was used within two years after they wrote their review, this means that the reviewer likely still got good value from it even if there were problems reported in their own time frame due to current manufacturing standards . On the other hand, if it has been well over two years since someone wrote a positive review then maybe consider another option as technology may have improved and newer models will be available at better prices.

Compare Ratings

Check out ratings suggested by experts such as Edmunds or Consumer Reports since these provide unbiased assessments of vehicles including safety information and check ratings provided by industry-leading sites like CarsDirect or Kelley Blue Book. Compare these ratings against those found in individual user reviews on – this will give you an indication of whether the general opinion is similar across all published sources available online. Doing so will allow you to make sure your choice is backed up both by statistical data as well as real-world experiences shared by actual customers who experienced using their product firsthand before you decide which model you want to buy or lease for yourself!


Frequently asked questions

What types of people do reviews survey? reviews survey car owners and drivers with the goal of obtaining insights about their experience with various makes and models of cars. The data gathered from these surveys is then used to inform the ratings and reviews found on their website.

Can I trust the review ratings?

The ratings on can be a helpful guide when considering a car purchase, however it is important to take the reviews with a grain of salt as individual experiences may vary greatly. It is always best to do your own research and get multiple opinions before making any major decisions.

Are the customer surveys conducted by third party companies?

It depends on the company conducting the customer surveys, but in some cases, third party companies are hired to conduct customer surveys.

How comprehensive are reviews? reviews are comprehensive and helpful for people interested in making an informed car purchase decision as each review includes ratings and comments with details about the quality, performance, styling, comfort and value of the car. Additionally, customers can see how many times their peers have reviewed a given car to help them in their decision-making process.

Are reviews required to be impartial and unbiased?

Yes, reviews are required to be impartial and unbiased in order to maintain the integrity of their service.

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