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Are you concerned about how your personal information is being shared online?

We understand and are here to help! Our opt-out services by Reputation Defenders can help protect your online identity so that you can be more secure in the digital world.

With our reputation protection services, you can shield yourself from the risks of identity theft, preventing your private data from falling into the wrong hands. Our customized plans will also help minimize any potential harm that may have been caused by inaccurate or outdated information being displayed online.

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Reputation Defenders by BrookSim is an opt-out service devised by the company’s parent organization – BrookSim Technologies. This service takes aim at ensuring that your personal information is removed from search results and making sure not to associate any negative publicity with your good name. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this opt-out service as well as how you can get a free quote.


Reputation Defenders offer a fast turn-around for their opt-out services. Depending on the specific request, most removal requests are processed within just four to six days directly by their in-house team members, providing the quickest resolution available without having to go through any third party companies.


Through their customized review process, they triple check each de-indexing request to confirm accuracy with almost 100% success rate. They also monitor frequently to ensure no malicious or damaging information appears when someone searches for your name on the web.

Extensive Coverage:

Their extensive coverage range involves all of Europe, North America and Asia Pacific countries including both established international news sources as well as newer media outlets so that you don't have to worry about anything negatively affecting your reputation online worldwide.

Request a Quote:

Unlike many other opt out services which charge before providing a quote, Brooksim offers a free quote before requesting payment so that you can be certain of what you're buying beforehand. All quotes are provided based on the estimated time needed to complete research and make necessary edits, allowing customers more confidence when it comes to the work they'll be paying for.

Reporting & Updates:

Regular updates regarding status of pending requests are provided round-the clock along with monthly activity reports give detailed analysis of activity visible online before and after engaging Reputation Defenders' services so that customers can maintain peace of mind knowing their data is secure and safely removed from search engine indexes where possible.

Overall, Reputation Defenders by BrookSim provides comprehensive solutions for digital privacy rights with respect to identity security and prevention from digital defamation resulting from negative press or content appearing online due to hacking or malicious intent which could damage an individual's or business’ good standing in internet search engine results over time – when used properly & consistently. Requesting a free quote allows potential customers details concerning what their money will be contributing towards and insures quality control throughout the entire opting out process prior starting work on any commission projects!


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